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Girl's feet?

Why do guys like girl's feet? whats so special about feet?

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  • Nice feet say a lot about a girl. Clean, soft, smooth feet and toenails tell me she takes care of her body, even the parts that don't get much notice, which in turn tells me that she respects herself and would expect the same from me. I happen to have a foot fetish so I also love the thought of sucking on her feet and licking the spots between her toes, biting her heels a bit and massaging her soles.

    • Well in that case I want a boyfriend with a foot fetish ;)

What Guys Said 17

  • they look better then ours lol, well I'm not a foot person but google is always great to search up these facts

  • feet are feet, some guys are weird.

  • Feet are beautiful. There's something amazing about seeing a girl connected with the earth, healthy brown feet, toes splayed out and a smile on her face.

    Does it for me every time.

  • i don't have a foot fetish and I've never been into the whole "ooo paint my toenails for me" thing but I've always found my girls feet cute and don't mind giving her a foot massage every now and then, but only after a shower though

    • One big LOL for the shower part :D

    • What? I don't like to touch feet that have been in shoes all day long, just not my thing

  • because girls' feet always smell good, even when she says her feet stink.

  • they are fun to play with

  • Nothing really. Both girls & guys sometimes have foot fetishes. My friend has a pretty big thing for feet but her friend is scared of them. You can't really generalize something like that.

  • dam idk, like I wouldn't want a girl to give me a footjob or anything buh yea I think its sexy when a girl has nice feet. can't explain why haha

  • idk, but I have to stare at feet. however I am not into the "awkard" stuff if you know what I mean.

  • The shape of the arch, the shape of the toes, each woman's feet are different. If they are well taken care of and the nails are painted, it make's them even more pretty. A woman is beautiful from head to toe.

  • So special? 10 toes to suck on... two arches to kiss... two heels to caress... two soles to hold to either side of your face...

    What's not to like?!

  • For me...The arch, the color of your toenails(lol especially French pedicure) I don't know what it is..but If a girl has pretty feet...lol it's a turn on

  • Some guys have a foot fetish. We get turned on by the sight of a womans foot. Just the shape of the foot, the arches, the toes makes them attractive to us. It is quite common and normal so don't be creeped out about it .

  • They are a lot nicer than our feet because they are smaller and they are a lot smoother and softer.

  • Feet is an ugly part but when it be soft and clean and small and with tattoo or toenail and anklet and can be used to seduce in a process called footsies under tables or some thing it become

    indicator to sexy creatures called women.

  • Idk I don't but some people have a fetish or something for it...

What Girls Said 4

  • i don't get this either

  • feet are gross

    • Well, any part of anyone's anatomy can be gross if not taken care of. likewise those same parts can be attractive if maintained well and cared for. there is nothing inherently "gross" about a girls' feet, but they certainly can be if not cleaned and maintained regularly and meticulously. in which case, I wouldn't find them attractive.

  • Men love the softness of a woman men like it when a part of the body that is most times viewed as being gross and smelly or crusty and hard is soft and warm and welcoming a woman with nice feet is a clear sign that the woman takes good care of herself and has high self esteem the condition your feet says so much more then you think.

  • I don't know, but it creeps me out.

    • Yeah they are like retarded hands on your legs

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    • Haha I guess she was talkin sexually-wise !

    • Useless in sex? Never heard of a footjob?

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