Do guys like ponytails?

Or do they prefer a girl to wear her hair down?


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  • Well this honestly isn't a yes or no, either or, answer. I personally find all kinds of hair styles attractive. Is a ponytail one of them? OH ABSOLUTELY! I've always like how ponytails can look. I especially LOVE a ponytail when it's pulled through the back of a baseball cap. Is it a style I want to see all the time? No. Is it a style I think every woman should wear? No. In fact I also like at times for the hair to be down. I also like short hair on women where a ponytail really wouldn't be an option. Here's the thing. There is one amazing thing about hair and hair styles. Unless you do something drastic, like shave yourself bald, you can always change your hair style. Heck, you can even change the color. There should be no reason to really overly worry about hair. If you want to wear it in a ponytail today do it. If you want to wear it down do it. It's your hair. Wear it how you like. You'll find guys who like it one way and other guys who like it another. With most anything that has to do with how you look, the best thing a person can do is pick what makes them happy and what they like. If you like wearing your hair in a ponytail, do so. If you find a guy who doesn't like that then obviously he isn't the guy for you. Be you. Do what YOU want. If you work to please the guys you'll be working for your whole life. Find a way to make yourself happy then find a guy who likes you for you. Any guy worth anything will want you to be happy with yourself.

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  • I've liked pony tails for years.

    In fact there's a song by the Poni-Tails, "Born Too Late".

  • Hair down is what I like the most, but I've seen girls with ponytails and average cloths that is still really breath taking, it works differently for each girl but having the hair down seems to work the best for most!

  • If a pony tail is what it takes for me to have my girl have long hair I am game. I prefer Japanese style pigtails but that might not always work in public.

    Buns are cool, wraps, ect. but as long as it looks soft and the base of the tail in not to high on the head then yea it's cool.

    Down with curls beats pony any day of the week though but I know it gets hot a sweaty.

    • What are Japanese style pigtails? Is that just regular pigtails?

    • Don't have photos right now but this is the best I can find real quick, basically it's a pigtail but the japaneese style which is on the back corner of the head with the tail rounded off so that it is no more then say 6-8 inches off the head. Regular pigtails as far as my history are on the side of the head not back and go all the way to the shoulders, which on most girls looks sloppy I felt.

  • seriously, I love pony tails. absolutely love em.

  • Varies really, suits some not others, personally I like two plaited pigtails, but we won't go there.

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  • whats the difference its just hair!

    If a guy really loves you he shouldnt love you because of your hair, he should love you for who you really are

  • A lot of girls like to wear their hair down because it's obvious that it somewhat distracts from the facial features, so even if the girl isn't beautiful, but has a nice head of hair, she'll look more appealing when she wears her hair down. As supposed to a ponytail which brings your face into focus, so this hairstyle -even though it's very simple- is risky for some girls. That's why all the girls I know who have short hair have really pretty faces!

    And I more often than not wear my hair in a's just practical, and it's fun.


  • apparently I look a lot better with my long hair down, and I look like a completly diffrent person when my hair is up.. accordinding to my boyfriend. lol

  • they like both! its not a big difference lol sometimes I can have 3-4 hairstyles in one day! down, ponytail, buns, wraps... it depends on what I'm doing and how I feel

  • Wear pony tail on a date, then later let it down. Two styles in one date. =)

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