Why do girls laugh when I walk by?

It's really annoying, because I'm assuming they're laughing at me when I walk past them. It's not a giggle either, it's more like a "hahaha" type of laugh.

I don't know if they think that I think I'm hot stuff or what. Do girls do this when they think a guy thinks he's hot when he's not? I naturally have a very peppy step and stuck up look when I'm walking, so maybe they think I'm all up myself or something?


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  • okay, well, it really depends on how frequent this is. if its like EVERY SINGLE TIME, then there definitely a reason. there areTHREE ways to look at this

    1. they are laughing at you. :[ maybe you've done something embarrising and bitchy girls are just being them selves


    2. one of them or one of their friends LIKES YOU. usually when one of my friend likes a guy we will mock her. and when we see that guy its natural to laugh. it just is. this might not make sense to a guy, but it does to girls so no worries.


    3. they are those types of girls who laugh at everything. trust me, there are some at every school. this also depends though. if they aren't looking at you when they laugh, then no worries. they are laughing for another reason.

    i would stress either way. girls are girls. it'll blow over :]

    • You need to definitely be more confident. if you look its not going to be the end of the world. just ignore them. I don't see why they would laugh at you anyway. I'm pretty sure they're not lughing nessicarily AT you. so no worries.








    • Yeah I don't know if they are laughing at me or not. I am too embarrassed to even look.

    • Oh, well then, and answer honestly, are you a hottie ? lol

      because its very common for girls to laugh when a hot guy is around. trust me ;)

      ALSO, they might not even be laughing at you. maybe you're just being too paranoid. next time look if they are looking at you. because if they're not, then you're fine and they aren't lauging at u

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  • lol off topic but your question made me laugh, no idea why

    but anyways, maybe they think you're cute. girls tend to laugh loudly around guys they think are cute to they to get their attention

    • I know. Like I said, girls laugh extra loud when they're around cute guys

    • It's not a giggly school girl laugh, more like someone just heard a funny joke. But it's ALWAYS seems to happen when I'm walking past girls.

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  • Check you zipper on your pants make sure its done up...

    • That has been a problem before.