What does it mean when a guy admires you?

what does it mean when a guy admires you?


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  • He probably likes you. But watch out in case he's just saying that kinda stuff to get with you :/

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  • I don't understand, what more could you deduce from this?

  • What do you mean?

    Did he tell you he admires you? If that's the case, you are in his dreams!

  • Are you serious? Really?! Are you really seriously asking? What you don't understand the concept? Pick up a dictionary or hey learn how to admire a guy, really is that so foreign to you?

  • Well... it means exactly what it sounds like.

    He may look up to you with respect to a particular quality of yours. It may also be a flattering way to talk to a lady. If a girl tells me something that I find unique, like "I speak French as well as English" I always respond with,

    "Ah, how admirable." with a smile on my face >=3.

  • That he admires you.

    • Yeah, I agree here.

      I mean, for 90% of guys it's not going to have any hidden meaning.

      I don't agree that he might be using that to try and get with you, because if he WAS he'd be PLAYING you, and a player isn't going to say he admires you, because that's weak game.

What Girls Said 7

  • it means a guy sees traits in you that are admirable or something worthy of praise

  • he has respect for the person you are... don't necessarily mean he wants to be with you .. its just he respects you .. and therefore respects your role and friendship in his life .. that's it lol no biggie .. its a good thing !

  • Er, maybe he's complimenting you on something? He could admire you for something, it's like a compliment. Kind of.

  • i know you want to.. but don't try to make that more than what it really is.

  • in my books it means you look up to them, admire

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