I like my co-worker, but does he like me too?

There is a guy that works with me at my job, and I had no interest in him at all before. But since I began working with him more often, I started to see what a cool guy he is. I especially started liking him when I found out how much we had in common. So, the first time I realized he might be... Show More

Also forgot to mention that now we don't work with each other as often...i see him maybe like once a week or every other week...i kind of like it that way because it keeps everything kind of fresh...

So my question now is, should I do anything different I'm my approach, should I act more flirtatious or keep cool and drop hints here and there?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Bottom line, he likes you.

    Now, here's the problem. He may like you but not do anything about it, because you two work together. That may be why he seems kinda off some days.


    He likes, you, he doesn't care that you two work together, but you aren't really letting him know how you feel.

    So, you need to let him know you kinda like him too. I don't really know how close you guys are but maybe mention something to him about hanging out outside of work. Give him your number or ask for his.