Why do I keep attracting the wrong girls?!!

OK I'm gonna try and say all of this without trying to sound like a female. Also, if I offend anyone please forgive me. I just don't understand why... Show More

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  • A lot of people ask why I'm attracting the wrong types when they are overlooking the simple fact they are attracting. Part of the process is your going to get bad with the good. If your truly attracting women then there is nothing to fix on your part. Sit back and take pride in the fact that women are after you regardless of how you deem them to be. Some guys are not even getting that...

    Perhaps it's not what your attracting, but your using the same locales that has the same types of women. Are you going to places where women you'd want are going? You mentioned cooking, ever take a cooking class for the fun of it (can be a great place)?

    if it has anything to do with your personality you seem to have a problem with guys being concieted... On some level you have to be like that with yourself. You have to have self confidence. You have to believe you can do anything you want and achieve it, it's part of being a man. Saying to people your god, ummmm not so much, but believing in yourself is a definite!

    Hope you get it solved man and good luck