Am I smothering my girlfriend?

Me and my girlfriend have been dating for almost 8 months now. She's 15 and I'm 16.. is both of ours first HS relationship and she just told me that I'm starting to get on her nerves because she feels like I'm starting to smother her... She gets annoyed when she's texting around me I just look and see who she's texting, to me its just habit. And she also said I get mad when she doesn't feel like hanging, she said she doesn't like how its starting to be committed. (even though she has made plans with me to take me to the beach this upcoming summer) she wants to have fun and enjoy this time, which I agree and she says she does with me, I don't wanna smother her.. What should I do?

FYI I have my license, I've just had to wait a while before her parents would let me drive her, now they are starting to let me.


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  • okkkk I'm still reading this but I stopped right here when you said "I just looked and see who she is texting" also 16 and that right there if you did that to me I would dump your ass for it! I mean I'm sorry for being rude about it but that just crosses my should trust her and not have to worry about who she is texting...and about you getting mad if she don't wanna hang out that is just fuked up I mean my god she doesn't have to be stuck up your but all the time because if she is she is gonna get sick of seeing your face all the dagum time...ok what you should do is back off some...give the girl some space I mean god she is just 15 yall ain't married you don't have to be with her all the seems to me if you wanna no who she is texting you don't trust her much because if you did it wouldn't bother you at sorry for being rude but I'm just givin you my opinion in the only way people seem to listen. bye ;D

    • i know I am gonna back off, what would you want though, me to stop asking to hangout? and like wait for her to text me first now...?

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    • well I just told her goodnight and told her to text me tomorrow and she replied with "you can text me tomorrow" so its like I wanna back off some but at the same time I want to text her. its confusing.. and tomorrow I wanted to hang with her because her mom is off work but I am kinda afraid to ask now..

    • Completely agree, don't try to peek and see who she's texting, that makes you look insecure and you want to monitor who she's talking to every time she texts. You don't have to get mad just because she can't hang out, its the time you 2 are apart that makes you miss each other. How often do you see her anyway? (By the way, if you want honest advice you don't need to lie about your age on this site, the age matters as to what type of advice people give)

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  • yes you do

  • Well first off, stop looking to see who she texts!

    I find that to be a violation of privacy , she can text who she wants if your trust her then you shouldn't care who is it.

    second, she has a life too ya know,she can't ALWAYS be with you.

    third, making plans isn't exactly committing what's she did was just showing that she has faith in the relationship and she thinks you can last till then, not exactly committed to it


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  • COOL! Thought it would work out! Congrats...

  • Give her a little space... try to break the habit of checking her texts, & be cool with her if she says she doesn't want to hang, & scream, punch a pillow or whatever you gotta do once she's off the phone. She'll appreciate it & warm back up to you a bit, but if you push it much further you could lose her. I've been there & I'm STILL kicking myself years later...

  • Stop caring then, get your license and ull be all set. I don't blame her asking your parents for a ride to hang with a significant tother can be a huge pain in the ass.