Why do people push the person they love or like away?

I have notice this in many relationships, where a person in the relationship pushes his/her partner (who they love/like) away. Why is that? Is it fear of getting hurt? Do they do it as a test, "If its mine it will return if it doesn't return, it was never mine"? Do you think this is logical? Will the person being pushed away come back or will the relationship end because of it?

What are your thoughts?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I think that when it does happen, its because they probably can tell that the relationship isn't going to work out, or they can't see themselves ever going further with that person. If they truly like/loved the other, I don't think there is any valid excuse for pushing the other away, and if the excuse is 'to avoid getting hurt' it kind of defeats the purpose, because the act of pushing them away hurts one, if not both people. And if its a "test"? Well I personally think that a good relationship does not require any tests, just trust ~ just my thoughts