My girlfriend says she doesn't want me to drink anymore because she doesn't like me when I drink!

My girlfriend says she doesn't want me to drink anymore because she doesn't like me when I drink! but she can drink all she wants. it seems a little unfair. when we go out on the weekends all she does is drink and I just sit there then I get in trouble for not talking much or seeming like I'm... Show More

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  • So... Does she not like you when you drink? Or does she not like you when she's had a few drinks?

    If its option 1 consider trying to decide on a compromise. Sit down one night and drink with her and when she says you are getting obnoxious you know you should stop drinking one drink before whatever number you got to. Then propose that you be allowed to drink within that limit. If she says no she is being selfish and you can either point it out or dump her for it.

    If its option 2 things are probably over between the two of you. People tend to lose their inhibitions when drinking not their opinions.

    • it option 1 she doesn't like me when I drink! I have a problem and know that so I stopped for me mostly but her also becuase drinkin is not worth losing her to me! it just doesn't seem fair that even when I don't drink she gets mad because it looks I'm not having fun or I don't talk much! I'm just chillin you know I'm not on her level so I'm debby downer! its sucks! its seems like when she is with her friend I don't even exist and when I say this to her she turns it around somehow and I'm the bad guy

    • Ok here are some key phrases pulled from your posts. "Looks like I'm not having fun" are you having fun? "Her friends" as in not your friends right? So you are either there to mingle to make her happy by becoming part of her social circle or you are arm candy? You might want to ask her which of these reasons is why you keep getting invited. But I'd bet on the later because " I don't really know her friends and she just shows me no attention the whole time" Love her but don't get walked on.