What does it mean when a woman says "whatever"?

does it really mean "f*** you" whenever she says it?

what if she's just saying it Because she means whatever. I say whatever all the time, but I never mean "f*** you." if I wanna say f*** you, I say it.

so is it true that when a woman says whatever, its not a good thing? always? why is this so?

so if its a casual "whatever," there's really no need to worry, right?
the reason I asked this was because of a post on the blog on tumblr "maleminded".. its pretty popular, so I wanted more opinions.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Sometimes it doesn't mean anything. You have to pay attention to the tone of voice and body language, though. If there is an irritated or fully angry tone in her voice, it's not good. Body languge to look for: crossed arms, little or no eye contact, body turned away from you.