Dreams about a childhood crush almost every day.. Does it mean anything?

when I was in elementary school and high school I had the biggest crush on this bad boy..and I was the good girl. I still hung out with some "popular" friends but I wasn't exactly popular because I was never an easy girl. He always flirted with me and always tried to get to "hook up" with me but I would never. I was one of the only girls who he didn't get to mess around with. Anyway, throughout all this time I had the BIGGEST crush on his..major infatuation! Do you think he did too? just because I was a challenge for him that he never got to get through? lol Well Anyways, I am having dreams about him now.. and I'm in college :( I never ever see him! like..once a year :( Do you think this means anything? AND I MEAN frequent dreams! like almost every day! its ridiculous! I don't know if they will stop! Its pathetic! I mean, even now when I see him, ( I know this sounds corny/unreal), my heart skips a beat! I swear like something happens to my body! Do you think I love this kid? ha ha :( Its just hard! Any advice? You can really say anything!

SORRY THIS IS SO LONG! :( BUT thanks for whoever decides to read :D :D!