Guys - Do you ever regret treating a good ex-girlfriend badly?

A girl that has done nothing bad to you, but for whatever reason - maybe you were immature, was selfish or took her for granted - and treated her very bad which caused her to dump you or caused you to jilt her?

Looking back on it, how do you feel about your treatment of her - Do you regret treating her bad and not appreciating her? Do you regard her as 'the one that got away' or do you not care about her anymore?

If you could meet her again, what would you do?


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  • Yeah I regret it but I wasn't treating her was all the arguing and constant fight that leads to the break up. But there were times where I was wrong and could have done a better job at communication...Sadly to say I still love her dearly and I tried everything to get her back but come up short and now she's with a guy that is using her and I don't think she have a clue about this kid and now I don't feel as bad at all but she refuses to talk to me...I mean she'll talk to me but just a few words and did I mention we dated for four year. so all my friends and family told she she'll be back but idk. I still have faith she will though but afraid I might be there when she decided to come back..-/

    • Why do you think there are other guys who don't seem to regret it?

    • every guy think different...sadly to say some guys do not want to stay with one booty. there is a famous quote that goes.."there is nothing better then p**** except some new p****" sadly its all about sex. but as soon as they start to realize how much they miss the little things their ex used to do for them then eventually they start running back..its life


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  • Well, yes, a girl who asked me out for Sadie hawkins Day. I had no idea how to behave and I'm sure she thought I was a cold hearted person. I never apoligized to her, as I should have!

  • I regret treating a bad ex-girlfriend good. I did all the work, put my heart and soul into it and she did just enough to get by. Left me on a dime without looking back. If I could meet her again, I'd tell her how badly she hurt me and how much I suffered from her leaving. Then I would thank her for it because I am so much better off without her.

    • Why did she leave?

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    • Thank you very much.

    • Any time. I wish you the best.

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  • This happened to me. A guy I had dated who treated me badly apologized years later

    • He figured that out after "years"? How so?

    • Well, I don't know that it took that long, but he did a lot of growing up and eventually contacted em to apologize. We aren't together or anything, but he apologized and I forgave him

  • my boyfriend told me he feels bad that he treated his ex the way he did..