Guys/girls, do you prefer a party girl or the quiet, shy girl?

So guys and girls do you prefer a party girl or the quiet, shy girl? Or would you prefer a balance between the two? a girl that like to drink on the weekends or a girl that spends her weekends with a controller?

Me and my sister were talk and were wondering which one is preferred. She's a party girl, I'm a stay home and game girl.

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  • It's hard to answer this question because I always think girls that tend to like to party are hot, but I strongly dislike how they're so adamant about partying... It's like all they ever seem to want to do and if you don't, you're a loser. It's that immature "I'm cool, you're not" attitude that makes an attractive girl completely unattractive, for me.

    But I do like a shy, more homely girl as long as she's cute. She can like to party a bit too, I don't care... given that I'm around the right people I like to let loose and have fun too, but don't let it freakin' take over your dating/social life... which SO many girls do...

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      LOL! SO telling my sister and my best friend this answer, your view on party girls are exactly how they are HAHAHA! You're a loser for not wanting to go clubbing and being groped by 1000 guys. Not my kinda fun.