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Guys/girls, do you prefer a party girl or the quiet, shy girl?

So guys and girls do you prefer a party girl or the quiet, shy girl? Or would you prefer a balance between the two? a girl that like to drink on the... Show More

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  • It's hard to answer this question because I always think girls that tend to like to party are hot, but I strongly dislike how they're so adamant about partying... It's like all they ever seem to want to do and if you don't, you're a loser. It's that immature "I'm cool, you're not" attitude that makes an attractive girl completely unattractive, for me.

    But I do like a shy, more homely girl as long as she's cute. She can like to party a bit too, I don't care... given that I'm around the right people I like to let loose and have fun too, but don't let it freakin' take over your dating/social life... which SO many girls do...

    • LOL! SO telling my sister and my best friend this answer, your view on party girls are exactly how they are HAHAHA! You're a loser for not wanting to go clubbing and being groped by 1000 guys. Not my kinda fun.

What Guys Said 34

  • It depends on their own personality. I'm a quite guy, which is why I'd prefer a quiet girl, compared to an outgoing one who might be "bored" when it comes to dating.

  • If anything, I would prefer the quieter one who wanted to go out occasionally. Not painfully shy that she didn't enjoy meeting with other people, but not always insistent on being the center of attention either. A balance is good.

  • eh both have uos and downs. the quiet and shy girl can be hard to get to know... whearas the party girl is typically outgoing and stuff...

    i guess it'd depend lifelong partner, id say shy

    quick date & f*** type thing id say party girl

  • I'd have to say niether. I don't want a crazy party girl or a shy quiet one. Just one that knows how to have a good time regardless of her environment or what she's doing.

  • I definetely would prefer a quiet girl if she wasn't so much of a coward and show attraction as well and didn't leave me guessing all the time. Heeey at least party girls know what they want and are not afriad to get it, that's pretty hot to me.

    • i am honestly trying to figure out wheter a girl likes me or not. too much stress

    • Ooh, frustraiting, that's why when I like someone I let em know reguardless of how they feel because all I'm doing is telling them how I feel and asking if they return the feeling, I try not to let the answer 'no' get to me.

  • I like quiet slutty girls.

    That's just me though.

  • Ideally I like a balance. But If I had to pick, I usually prefer the more innocent and quite types. I definitely don't like the party girl who wants to get drunk 7 nights a week.

    I think part of this has to do with age. Being older and out of school, I want a girl who is similar to me in maturing and parting 7 days a week is not mature.

    I also find there to be a correlation between this habit and a persons morals. The girl who parties every night is way more likely to cheat on me, or be an all around bad person (bitchy, no life goals, causes drama, etc.). Same reason I prefer not to meet a girl at a bar or club and much rather meet her through a mutual friend or at a place like a coffee shop, book store, work, etc. Just more likely she is genuine.

  • I like the quiet, shy girl who isn't afraid to talk to me. If you're quiet/shy in public but you still talk to me when we're alone and we can have nice conversations learning about one another then that's awesome.

  • some where in between. lean toward the party type but really more important is adventurous. That, pretty girl, is a whole 'nother smoke...

  • Of those two types, I'd probably have more in common with the quiet type. I never really enjoy myself at parties, though being a non-drinker will do that.

    • HA! I'm a non drinker too, I've been told I'm more fun sober

  • Party girl is for fun and messing around with. Gamer and stay home girl to date.

  • shy and quiet, I would love to hug her and get cute reactions out of her. also if she played video games that would be awesome

  • I don't care as long as she's awesome

  • i think quiet girls are more considerate , thoughtful ,caring ,etc . when dating with them ,its more interesting to know her little by little ,because she won't tell you all the thing of her .

  • a quiet girl is really better !

    • How so?

  • what about the metropolitan social butterfly? a girl who knows her city, can hang with even the most awkward people and parties moderately is just about the hottest thing that's not the sun

  • a mix between the two? I like a quite girl who also knows how to have fun.

  • I'm currently trying to be with a party girl right now, only problem is she's way into partying to be with me. I'm not sure how it's gonna work out or even what kind of girl she really is deep down. Still I can tell she has a good heart and that's enough for me to wanna be with her.

    • My best friend's in the same dilemma

  • Got to have a balance between the two, but I'd prefer more toward the quieter and shy end of the spectrum...I would only use a party girl for sex.

  • some where in the middle, I would would find no interest in dating party girl but I would gladly be friends with her. a shy girl in my opinion seems more of the kinda girl I would date

  • Quiet girl. Nothing wrong with party girls though.

  • You do need a mix between the two. The "party girl" for the nights out and the "shy girl" for the rest of the time.

    (And when I say party girl, I mean a fun girl who doesn't mind a drink, but knows her limits. Party girl doesn't mean messed up drunk.)

  • A bit of a balance. Gamer girls always win though :)

  • My inclination is to go with party girl. Which one is your favorite? d:-)

  • We don't mind either way, we do like to party up from time to time, but also like to have some quiet time too, so yeah a balance between the two would be perfect. :o)

  • I want the devil in bed, angel in public girl. You know, the girl who looks like she can't possibly have sinned in her gloriously pious life, yet indulges in every sacrilegious act that would leave a satanist blushing during sex?

  • Can I choose an in between type? because both personalities can be appealing.

    Like, you don't want an alcoholic yet you don't want a person who is afraid to talk so a balance would be nice. :)

  • i'm not a fan of party girls at all

    • why not?

    • they come off as crude and vulgar and not classy in general... not things I look for in a girlfriend

  • I don't mind the party girl since she's outgoing but for safe measures I'll take the quiet one :)

    • Safe measures? Hmm.. show your work?

  • The quiter girl. They seem more genuine :)

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What Girls Said 9

  • A certain type of guy answers questions on a website like this. The results can not be generalized for the whole male population.

    • Excellent point.

    • Says the party girl.

  • you do realize there are more than two types of women right?

  • it does seem that most guys go for the party type..but the quiet girl usually gets the better guy in the end. I prefer a mix of both types..party in moderation...lol

  • B I'm not into girls but I'm shy so shy is good :)

  • Well if I had a choice I would go for neither I would rather have a reserved classical girl with good morals and a sweetheart but know how to have fun with out drugs achocol etc :)

    • I look for the same thing in a girl :)

  • I'm a quiet girl. I like to stay home and play games or watch a movie and then there's sometimes if I'm in the mood for it, a party girl.

    My boyfriend was a partier. But now he's a quiet guy and likes to play games. We're getting old. Too old for parties all the time.

    But my sister, she's a huge partier! She goes out every night. That would kind of get boring and expensive for me.

    • That's what I thought.

  • in real life most guys go for the party girls. its a fact.

    im a quiet girl myself, I know what I'm talking about :D

    • No, you, don't. You just have pretty high standards.

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    • Guys go for party girls... yeah, maybe in the sense that the party girls are the ones they "get" with. While the more quiet girl is the one that ends up getting a guy in a serious relationship where it's not all about sex.

    • Moloz you're not making sense what so ever. And it seems guys go for quiet girls relationship wise and they just want party girls for sex.

  • Roll eyes. I am seriously a balance between these two. Still. Guys seem too loose interest in me. After a while. Sigh. Don't get it.

  • too bad so many go for party girls

    • LOL! Check out the Polls. :)

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