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If a girl HATES you, does that mean she loves you ?

I mean every time I go up and speak to her she ignores me and today I said "Hey" and she goes "We have nothing to say to one another". And walked... Show More

I flirted with her, she liked it, then she told my ex so I called her ugly on Facebook. Now :

Every time I go up and speak to her she ignores me and today I said "Hey" and she goes "We have nothing to say to one another". And walked off.

I bumped into her later and said "Where are you going ?" and she just ignored me.

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  • Why did she tell your ex...are they friends...or was this girl being bitchy and spreading gossip?

    She's probably really upset that you called her ugly, that's why she's ignoring you...if you both still really like each other, then find a way to say sorry for calling her names and express your feeling to her...if she's nice and worth getting to know that is...otherwise just leave it.

    If you've tried to be nice to her and she ignores you, it's time to move on and forget about her...focus on yourself and finding a girl who likes you back, it's much nicer and more fun that way:)!

    Answer my question too if you can, please..Thanks:)! Hope that helps. x

    • My ex is her best friend :-(

    • Oh OK, that makes a whole lot more sense now...if they are best friends, then it will be awkward for her to like you since you went out with her best friend before...sounds like you'd be better off leaving her alone...find a girl who likes you back and who's friends you haven't dated and be nicer to the next girl:)!

    • She's not really my ex though, we were just real close and liked each other four years ago..

What Girls Said 11

  • Hm... I'm going to go with no, she does not love you. She doesn't like you very much at the moment, that could border on hate. Maybe act your age next time?

  • No, she doesn't love you. Actually, she doesn't like you at all from the sounds of it. Leave her alone. Continuing to bother her will only continue to make her dislike you.

  • No that doesn't mean she loves you, if a girl hates you that means she hates you.

  • Well after what you did,do you seriously expect her to want to talk to you?Why did you feel the need to call her ugly?C'mon...its common sense. -_-

  • Because you're an a**hole. You called her ugly, like really? Are you in the 4th grade?

    • Quit following me

  • You know what they say, there's a thin line between love and hate. To honestly answer your question though, she hates you. She doesn't love you. And from the sound of it, it seems as if you did something to her. What did you do?

    • Flirted with her then she told my ex, so I called her ugly

    • WTF? I wouldn't want to talk with you either! If you're over the age of 18 then you should be way more mature than this. Why would it bother you if she told your ex that you were flirting with her?

  • Only in kindergarten. When you're an adult, if a girl acts like she hates you, it's because she thinks you're an a**hole.

  • She hates you.

  • She probably took it personal when you called her ugly, you should explained to her that you didn't mean to hurt her feeling , and should apologies.

  • I would totally hate you too.

    Sounds like she's letting you off lightly.

    Find a way to apologize. ASAP!

    ...you actually called her ugly and expected her to talk to you...Dude

    Men and women are so not the same.

What Guys Said 3

  • No, but she doesn't like you

    how have you not realized that yet?

  • Yeah... Girls always fall in love with you when you spread rumors about them and insult them on the internet. =)

  • In this case, she doesn't like you. Period. It's best to just leave her alone.

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