Things I hate about GAG

Don't you think it's hateful? Things I hate about GAG

10. Can't edit your posts once you make them

Wrote something wrong? Well, you're fucked because you can't edit it to fix it.

9. Question asking limits

Wanna ask more than 5 questions in one day? OH HELL NO, nat possible yo' lol
Dude, my mind asks around 100 questions per day, I wanna ask them all.

8. Refresing the page to see the notifications

Slower than Internet Explorer

7. Anonymous mode (sometimes it's necessary)

What's your favorite color?
- Anonymous

wtf dude? just ask, don't hide

6. Can't like comments of comments

Sometimes there are so many funny stuff you wanna like, and you CAN'T :(

5.- Blocking (sometimes it's necessary)

You don't agree with them? BOOM! blocked lol

4. The tags

Oh goddammit, I hate it, my memory sucks, how do you want me to remember all the usernames?

3. Can't search GAGers

Sometimes you wanna talk with somebody but you can't find that GAGer

2. The chat

Most annoying thing ever! Can't send messages if you're xper 1, can't send pics, can't talk normally (you have to refresh), etc

1. Being so addictive to it

At the end of the day, you can't hate this website, GAG is just awesome. I hate that I don't have enough time to be here all day.

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What Guys Said 37

  • Wait you want to kill a Gager?
    C'mon WTHA you could've used a different picture.

  • A user name search would be a useful thing! 8-)

  • 5|1
  • I wish you could bookmark comments and direct link to opinions/comments.

  • hahaa you're spot on

  • #9 defnetely... i wanna ask 10-15-20+ questions/day but it sucks i can't...

    as for #7... guess u r gonna hate me from now on since i'll go anon wid ma new name even if i ask about fav colors...

    • Why? Lol you also hate anonymous mode, don't you? 😜

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    • Yeah hajaha your weird and funny answers are very cool lol

      You're welcome

    • Your username is not that bad, but don't worry, I'll try to forget about this one and remember the other one lol

  • the only ones i agree with are 8, 6, 5, 3 and 1.

    10- If someone is losing the argument, they could just simply edit what they said.
    9- While i get how you feel, 5 questions per day is more than enough for me.
    8- isn't that the case with most online forums?
    7- Not all anonymous users are bad.
    4- Never used tags
    2- I only use GAG for asking questions. Dont need chatting for me.

  • I can agree with most of these, nice presentation, haha. Love the gifs!

  • Number 5, absolutely. It's infuriating.

  • #3 - if you search google for their name, you will find them...

  • This site slows my browsing to a friggin' stop , it eats RAM & CPU , like it's got post ganja mega munchies !!

  • So very true I agree with this post 100%

  • The only thing I don't agree with is "You don't agree with them? BOOM! blocked lol"

    Because South Park already covered #ShamelessAmerica and #Safespace

  • what i hate about gag is that completely stupid and pointless questions like "how famous are you on gag" get a shit load of answers but if you ask a real question that you need actual advice on you get very few answers and zero helpful ones. i guess people on here are not a fan of thinking, eh?

  • send me pics please ;)

  • 11. Can't be honest or write what's in your mind cause gag says "antagnostic" or bullshit.
    really when someone wants a gaga row or lady gaga discussion come at me bruh, but then butthurt bois be like uh I am stronger and go cry out on mommy gaga to report my comment outta here

  • Number 10 is the suckiest of all the suck, especially if you mess up or want to change something.

  • @WhatTheHellAmy great job. And i had to look thrice for tagging you. Well done. All hail Amy.

    • Thanks a lot!! 😁😁

      Oh, my username is quite easy actually haha

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    • That would be better!! But this is gag 😔😔

    • @WhatTheHellAmy that's true😢

  • My only problem is people aren't helpful but the site is pretty good

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What Girls Said 13

  • Love this. <3

  • You forgot the stupid fucking morons on here.

  • 10 - Agreed, but I think there should be a limit, like you can edit your post only within 5 minutes after posting it or something like that. Otherwise the feature would get abused.
    9 - Agreed, GAG would probably be a little less boring if everyone could ask more than 5 Qs a day.
    8 - I don't have this problem. :o
    7 - Agreed, it's ridiculous how much people use it when it's completely unnecessary, if it didn't exist, there'd probably be less trolls as well.
    6 - I actually once had a dream that this feature on GAG was added. 😛 Yeah, we need it.
    5 - Gosh, yes!!! I don't block anyone and I absolutely hate that this feature exists, people are such pathetic pussies. 😑
    4 - You wanna get rid of the mention feature just like Klaatu? 😱 Girl, you're EVIL!!! No no no no. I disagree.
    3 - girlsaskguys. com/user/inserttheperson'syouwanttalktousernamehere <--- it's really that simple.
    2 - Ehh it could be improved, that's for sure. But me personally, I don't need ro refresh to see messages. o_o Don't know why they don't show automatically to you.
    1 - True, makes me unproductive af. 😛 But I love it. 😊

    • Agree with 10, that's the way it should be.
      9 Exactly
      8 Computer sucks then lol
      7 HELL YEAH
      6 We do :(
      5 I know! Fucking sensitive people
      4 I can't remember the usernames :(
      3 I can't remember the usernames :( I wish it was like facebook, a searching bar and shit lol
      2 I see the messages, but I wish it was like facebook lol
      1 Same here, I have like 1000 homeworks I haven't done. I study online gurl, it's fucking difficult to study when gag exists

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    • You dream about GaG?

      Wow, kinda excessive 😂😂😂

      That's when you know you spend too much of your life on this website 😒

    • @QooLipBite I know XD I was like... "So, you had a dream huh? Interesting XD"

      I'll dream about gag soon, I'm here so many hours

    You ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, especially for no 8, 6, 2, & 1.
    No 5 & 7 depends on the case.
    I hope GaG can work on these feature in the future.
    It'll be AWESOME !!

    No 6.
    There's SOO MANYY CoC that I like but I can't liked it.
    So sad everytime it happened.
    Need this feature faster than the other.

    No 2.
    The message length is limited too.
    It's not long enough if you want to tell your problem.
    I have to type 5-7 pages due to the limit.

    No 1.
    I felt the same with you too. :)

    • I'm so glad you liked it :D

      yeah, those are shitty things about this site :(

      but... we all love it :D

    • Yeah, you right.
      All we can do is compromise.
      After all we'll ALWAYS compromise with something we LOVED.

    • that's the truth right there!!

  • lol true. I'm dying laughing at the "what's your favorite color" /Anonymous one. I've always thought that too.

  • #11 those questions that ask things like "do you think I'm pretty/good looking?" or "what do you think of this guy/girl?" or "which one is prettier/better looking - person 1 or 2?", etc.
    Like who the f cares! So annoying!

    #12 waaay too many ads that often get intrusive... Tho there's nothing really that can be done about that.

    • I hate 11 too.

      Just install Adblock, it's free and I've never seen ads if I'm on the computer. Only in my phone.

  • I like tags.

    I hate #3 too

  • All of these are true, but what I hate the most is when people downvote just because they don't like your opinion. I can understand it when the opinion owner is being rude, for example, but not when, say, you state your preference. E. g. the question is "Would you date an overweight person?", you say "No" and get downvoted by the asker. Like wtf, you asked for my opinion, I gave an honest answer, what are you not happy with? When you ask questions, you should be ready to hear all kinds of answers, not just positive ones.

  • when i first joined question limit was 10 and it had a chat bar...

    but yeah, i completely agree with #3 and #1, especially

  • But... I love anonymous. It's like a warm fuzzy blanket!

    Nice Take, I agree with most of these!

  • I definitely agree with #9 bruh

  • I loved the Voldemort GIF

    And you make some pretty good points
    But if someone is gonna block you, they will. Better than to have to deal with their shit all the time.

    yeah the anonymous thing is way overused by some haha. What will you dress for on Halloween? let's go anonymous hahaha

    I wish we could search GAGers or even questions

    And the last point is the one I agree the most with. But I will tell you: I have stayed here all day and it gets boring at some point. Better to take it in small doses :)

    • When I found the gif I was like "hell yeah, this goes to the mytake" XD

      That's true, that's the good part of blocking XD

      Yeah, fucking nonsense

      Search questions! Yeah! We need that. I'm too lazy to search the gager and then the questions XD

      Very true, I've been here too and yeah, it gets boring

  • The only one that is really annoying is anonymous.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    "Do you like pie?"