3 Websites You Should Check Before Posting an Outrageous Story (Essential Tools for G@G)

It seems like a lot of people on here go around posting insane stories that with a quick google search or a simply snopes check turn out to be untrue which a lot of people will simply take at face value. Its like people have forgotten such basic things such as checking snopes, the google search, or looking things up on wikipedia. I just want to remind everyone of these options so you don't end up looking like an idiot who posts everything that shows up on a news-feed even if a simply fact check shows its not true.


Wikipedia is essential when looking these things up. If you post something insane about a certain historical event, a certain chemical, ectera it is your best friend. It will give you a whole bunch of information in a handful of seconds. I know its not allowed in schools but the fact is that at the bottom of the page are all its sources and those actually are allowed in schools. Furthermore I know a lot of schools and even my College will allow Encyclopedia Britannica but they are about as accurate as each other but nevertheless check wikipedia and use its sources if you find something fishy.


Its insane that in this day and age people forget to google things before they post insane shit. I mean in the day and age when the best browser is google chrome and if you merely type your search into the address bar it will google it as long as you aren't searching for a website. I didn't even go to google.com for that meme, I just opened a new tab and typed google it meme. It brought me to the google search results for google it meme and I then clicked the google images tab. The next time you see something so completely insane and decide, "Hm I am going to post this story that is so crazy and completely contrary to how the world actually works without fact checking." Remember the fact checking only occupies 30 seconds to a minute of your time, while the idiocy will stick around much longer.


This is probably the only site on this list where there is even a small chance I will get someone who actually hasn't heard of it. Snopes is basically a go to guide for checking news stories and urban legends for facts. Its also incredibly entertaining and sometimes things turn out to be true that no one would think would be, I.E a phone call from a dead persons cell phone


But the fact is that if you want to know whether a news story is just making shit up or lying about how an actual event went, then go to snopes because they will have the real story.


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What Girls Said 3

  • 3mo

    Wikipedia sometimes isn't true.
    It says Swoozie on Youtube is 36 years old... but he is only 28.

  • 3mo

    I prefer edu or gov sites for anything science related.

  • 3mo

    Woah I've actually never heard of snopes


What Guys Said 2

  • 3mo

    I'm sorry, but you should never, let me say that again, NEVER trust wikipedia. Try Google scholar, websites that end in. edu (education) or. gov (government). If you're going to use Wikipedia, a site that anyone can add or change things, why not just go all the way and use urban dictionary.

  • 3mo

    You forgot Urban Dictionary. Otherwise, good post.