How do guys react when they see a naked female?

Today my boyfriend and I went to see a play. Towards the end, the three main characters (all women) took off their dresses, and were naked except for... Show More

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  • In that case, I wouldn't be sexually aroused by them. And here's the deal. He's in a relationship with you. What's he going to do, go down to backstage and ask for their phone numbers?

    You may not be a prude, but you're very insecure about something that is not that big of a deal for most everyone else.

    I'm not saying you need to be like other people, but I assure we all see or hear something that personally offends at least once a day, and you don't see people making the issue personal or allowing it to affect their day, or their relationships.

    For example, I hear people in my classes talk about using drugs all the time. It's specifically offensive to me because I don't believe anything productive has come the use of illicit narcotics.

    Yet, I don't call the people out, I don't portray myself as being uncomfortable, and I don't make it an issue.

    What will be, will be. As long as someone isn't trying to make a victim out of me, they can go play on their side of the fence, and act like an idiot or whatever.

    Like I said, it's not that big of deal to men when they see naked women at a play, or a film, or wherever. It's only an issue for those that make it one. So calm down, and realize your boyfriend cares for you and isn't going to leave you for a "better" body, whatever that means.

    He picked you, so why would he drop the relationship like a rock for the sight of female nudity? That's not logical.