Do guys want girls to catch them staring?

There is this guy who always stares at me so much that every time I catch him at it, he doesn't turn his head or look away, but he keeps staring at me and we'll stare at each other for like 2 seconds or more and I'll be the first one to look away. He also has this look on his face which is hard to explain.

I don't know if he likes me or not, but he knows I like him, you think he's only staring at me like this because he knows I like him?


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  • Haha def not just cause he knows you like him. He def likes you too. (if he wasn't interested and knew you liked him, he wouldn't be making eye contact. )

    1. He could be trying to flirt. (Staring can be flirty and sexy, but can get creepy. Its an art really haha)

    2. He might be really attracted to you. I remember a few times that I've stared at a girl. She's caught me staring, and I have actually said to myself "fuck it, she's too hot to look away. " That is def were a guy starts to head toward creepy. Lol

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      Thanks! I hope your right! =)

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      That makes me feel a little better. Maybe pouncing on him and ripping my clothes off will give him a sign to say "hello. " LOL. I think guys in general second guess yourselves around girls waaaay to much. 99% of the time the guys looks good enough for us to date him anyway. The guy I like doesn't look bad at all (many girls have commented on him) and judging by your picture neither do you so don't be so scared to approach us chicks! LOL. - A minute ago

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      Haha, I actually have a really funny story about that. I'm guessing some guy was doing number 2 to me,and I kept looking back cause he wouldn't look away and I guess he thought I was checking him too, so he smiled and told me to come over, but I was definitely not interested. needless to say, it ended up with me telling him I was a lesbian.