What does it mean when a guy calls you by your last name?

What does it mean when a guy calls you by your last name? Is he flirting/playing with you or is it his way of saying "you are and will always be... Show More

  • Vote A He is flirting with you and likes you a lot.
  • Vote B He wants you to know that you are and will only be considered a "friend", not girlfriend.
  • Vote C He is socially retarded and should never refer to any woman by her last name.

Most Helpful Guy

  • That the person is disrespectful, if someone calls me hon, I am smart enough to know that it means honey and you meant nothing by calling him hon in the first instance. Though for him to send you can email and address you by your surname is not right, he has no manners.

    I can understand that you though it was a bit cold, getting called by your surname. That is like you have a pet dog and saying to it here dog get over here, instead of saying Sheba come here.

    It is not always the best thing to let people you hardly know your email address. I would ignore him if he is stupid enough to address you with your surname.

    • 1mo

      This is not true at all. It is extremely common in workplace/business settings to refer to someone by their surname in e-mails, and it is disrespectful to refer to them by their first name if you are not familiar with them. You seem to have got this completely the wrong way around.