If he is calling every day, does that mean he's interested in me?

the boy I am talking to calls me every day from the time he's at home and the time he goes to work and gets off work...i like him a lot and want to go farther...but I just want to know am I the only girl he's talking to now?

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  • any relationship that has only one thing as involvement isn't love ! you must get on without his words of encouragement or you will only be stiffing your own future with someone who does want more than sex from you. You need to focus on your independence from this guy or you will only end up with heart break when he finds someone different! or if he already has and you don't know it! HIV, Syphilis or AIDs come to mind! can you live with that? remember unprotected sex can have un reported consequence up to 7 years. Be strong tell him NO More I am done