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If he is calling every day, does that mean he's interested in me?

the boy I am talking to calls me every day from the time he's at home and the time he goes to work and gets off work...i like him a lot and want to... Show More

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  • any relationship that has only one thing as involvement isn't love ! you must get on without his words of encouragement or you will only be stiffing your own future with someone who does want more than sex from you. You need to focus on your independence from this guy or you will only end up with heart break when he finds someone different! or if he already has and you don't know it! HIV, Syphilis or AIDs come to mind! can you live with that? remember unprotected sex can have un reported consequence up to 7 years. Be strong tell him NO More I am done

What Guys Said 8

  • He likes you. And he's a chump.

    • Why he a chump

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    • He meant made out with you. And yeah our quite honestly you'd be lucky if I called you once in a week. And he most defiantely isn't talking to other girls. I don't think he has enough time for that lol

    • @centrestriker so true

  • short and simple . he is

  • yes he is interested in u

  • He's interested in knowing more about you if he likes to talk to you so much. Bring up your feelings and he might feel the same. Act too slow and he might not think you're interested in him though. He might think you're a bit more interested in him if YOU call around the time he usually does instead of him calling.

  • Yeah, he digs you.

  • Look at it this way, if he wasn't interested on some level, why would he call you at all?

  • Probably, but not necessarily.

What Girls Said 14

  • It sounds like he does like you and that you're the only girl he's talking to. He seems to be spending every free minute talking to you

  • how the heck are we supposed to know that!?!?!

  • no, calling everyday does not mean he is interested. but it doesn't mean he isn't either. to get the answers to these questions you need to take a risk and find out from him.

  • At least he doesn't tell you "i love you" and than does not call you all week! Now how confusing is that? I hate him--anyway, back to you-- this guys calls you several times a week--you can be sure he likes you, but still hold your guard, be careful till you get to know him more to know for sure-- but calling you is definitely a good start.

  • ASK HIM , that's the only way to know for sure.

    or you could get a friend to ask him if he likes you and then

    go from there

    good luck "]

  • I think he likes you if he calls you every day.

    do you talk about each other if you that is a good start.

    I think you should keep on going see were it goes ok.

  • yes, there is no way he'll call every day unless he was interested.

  • hes probably really into youu ... but if your really close friends then no

  • Why not ask him instead

  • um, yes! why would he not be? no, he just calls you for the heck of it :)

  • he is interested

  • yes he's putting forth effort go for it

  • ya he totally likes you have you watched the moive "he's just not that in to you" if he does not call you he is not that into you if he does call you he is

  • most likely

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