My ex says she thinks about me every day what does she mean?

I'm 25 and I dated a 22 year old girl for 3 months and we went on about a dozen dates before I decided to kiss her because she would always go on and on about how she wanted to take things very slow and always showed signs of affection and hinted me that she wanted to be my girlfriend.

To make the story short... after the kiss and the dates and all the spoils and gift I gave her that added up to about one thousand dollars she gave me the cold shoulder and stopped texting me and told me she was too busy to continue hanging out with me.

Fast forward 2 weeks after that she's back hanging out with her ex boyfriend the same guy she told me was "annoying" and the same guy she couldn't stand when she was dating me... they are now calling each other babe...

Last night she had dinner with him and today in the morning she was texting me saying how almost every day she thinks about me? I replied and asked her what is it that she wants, and why is she doing this considering the fact that it was her who backed off I even asked her if she had mixed feeling or what is it that she wanted from me?

Her reply was "I'm sorry if I confused you but I do NOT have mixed feelings you are over thinking things and when I make a decision I stand by it and all I wanted to say was a simple hello and nothing else"

Could she be jealous because I started hanging out with a girl that is 10 times cuter than her and she can see it on my Facebook page?

Does she still have feelings for me?

Why would she do that?

wtf am I supposed to do?

I gave her everything and even took care of her when she was ill I took food to her job I simply went out of my way and at the end of the day she chose the guy that only takes her to McDonald's instead of the places I always took her where I always ended up paying $150 and up for dinner...
My ex says she thinks about me every day what does she mean?
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