Do girls like having big butts?

I just wanna know because some girls like to be thin and some like to have curves?


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  • I think to me it's more about shape than size. I used to be a REALLY thin girl. Like people thought I was anorexic. I'm just one of those girls that doesn't gain weight easily. Now that I'm a little older and I have 2 kids, I have put on a little but in mostly all the right places. (Would just like to pull my waist in a little tighter.) I am definitely much happier with the curves than I was as a bag of bones. But it's more about shape than anything. If it has a good round, proportional shape that goes well with the rest of your figure. I honestly don't think my butt is all that big but then I've been told quite recently that it is. So go figure.


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  • i love big butts and I cannot lie. lol but seriously I do love my big bottom. it makes me feel good when I put on tight fitting jeans. it's like I'm a woman on the prowl. it makes me feel sexy. those and my eyes are my best assets (no pun intended). :p

  • Lol I'm naturally curvy and honestly for the most part I LOVE It. Don't get me wrong it has its good and bad day's , bad being when all the focus is put on it. Guy's are funny to me they either like big butt's or nice breasts . . I don't get it either way.

  • well I do I used to have a big arse but now its kinda non existent give me kim kardashians big arse any day of the week

  • I like my curves. For women I think it is same old adage. We always want what we don't have. Girls with straight hair want curly, Girls with curly hair want straight

    Blondes want to be red, red want to be brown, brown want to be blonde.

    I would like to lose about 20 pounds but I don't ever want to be thin. I want to be curvy and volumscuious. I know girls that only want to be paper thin. It really just depends on your own idea of what attractive is.

  • lol I do. That's why I always wear jeans--I fill them out well.

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