Questions for girls who have big butts?

Yes I'm a real girl, yes I'm straight and yes these are real questions. I'm just super curious and envious is all!

1. Is sitting down super comfortable?
2. Do you get a lot of stares from behind?
3. Are your farts muffled or or loud?
4. Can you clap your ass?
5. What style of jean do you typically wear?
6. What style of panties do you typically wear?
7. What style of dress/skirt do you typically wear
8. Are all the men you date ass men?
9. Is your booty from diet, excercise, or genetics?
10. When did you first realize that you had a big ass?
11. If you had to choose for it to be smaller or bigger what would you choose?
12. Have you ever encountered someone who was jealous of your booty?
13. What are your thoughts when you catch a girl looking at your butt?
14. Is there anything you dislike about having a big butt?

Thank you for taking the time to read and answer my weird questions!

I'm so sad because girls aren't answering :(
Was it something I said?
Not too many big butts on GaG I suppose
I can't believe so many girls are willing to post booty pics on here for the world to see but can't answer a few questions.


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  • 1. Sure? I've never exactly known what it's like to sit down with a flat azz to compare it with.

    2. Yes -_-

    3. It depends. It's not like the cheek volume creates a louder fart sound like a drum.

    4. Sure can. :)

    5. I'm not really a jean person because I prefer tights, leggings, harem pants, dress pants, high waisted skirts, and dresses. I only have like 3 pairs of jeans that hardly leave my closet. They're all skinny jeans.

    6. Lace hip huggers or no panties at all. Thongs are hot but they're so uncomfortable.

    7. I own just about every type of dress/skirt imaginable but the ones I love most are high waisted skirts, body con dresses, and maxi dresses.

    8. Eh... idk? I don't really go looking for ass men? I guess? Maybe?

    9. Genetics. There's a pic of me as a little girl with a skinny body and a little plump booty bump.

    10. I first realized I had a big ass when I began dancing at age 7.

    11. I would rather have a larger azz because I quite enjoy the way it flatters my overall shape.

    12. Yes.

    13. I don't usually notice girls looking at my butt. They won't usually stare but I've had a girl come up to me and ask "Is your butt real?". There was one time I went out dancing and this drunk, tiny Latina kept asking to poke it/slap it lmao "Just one poke" lmfao

    14. My large butt is not proportionate to my tiny waist so there are a lot of really cute shorts and pants that fit my legs and thighs perfectly then there's a huge gap between my ass and my lower back. -_- I also don't like being objectified or given lusty looks like a guy wants to devour me. It's also annoying when I go out and random people ask about my azz wtf

    • #14 I also have the same problem with some dresses that will hug my upper body and even the front of my body perfectly but my ass will practically be falling out of the back. Extremely annoying.

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    • @Asker Lol you're welcome. You seemed very curious so I tried to give detail. It's nice when women can come together and share their experiences like this :)

      That's interesting! I don't think I've ever heard someone say that before. For me having a big butt doesn't make sitting down this comfortable, luxurious experience lol I mean I'm not uncomfortable but I don't feel like extreeeemly comfortable.

      I'm pretty sure the cheeks don't muffle it. I've had some farts that broke wind ;P

      It's possible. That's why guys don't get a chance with me if they approach me on some disrespectful, lusty type ish or excessively focus on my butt. I am not okay with being objectified or treated like some sexually visual object for someone's consumption. It grosses me out and makes me feel uncomfortable. So if I notice a guy putting excessive attention and focus on my ass, I stop giving him any attention at all.

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