What do you think about fat girls?

When I say fat I don't mean as in huge, just a little extra weight or just very curvy. My question is that why do most guys prefer a slim, petite girl over a curvy girl? I mean they seem to always end up being ignored by a guy or just getting "lets just be friends" don't get me wrong I'm not saying all guys are like that and curvy girls don't get guys. But on a whole there just seem to be a phobia towards fat girls.

So guys I'm asking why is this so?

  • They scare you/can't manage them
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  • Don't got a problem with them
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  • It's a matter of preference
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  • Other..plz share what other reason
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  • I find it really amusing that girls and guys that never had a weight problem before are answering.This is what wrong with society today they think people aren't worth it or less of a person if they are according to you "fat". People have the same emotions and are capable of being loved no matter what their pant size. I use to be "fat" even though I played almost every sport and exercised daily and ill be honest I didn't have much luck with guys but I lost weight as I got older and became more healthy in my eating. but I didn't do it for ANYONE else but myself.and even now that I have lost a lot of weight and am healthy guys are still not knocking at my door.so I base it solely on personality which Is what it should be based on.And don't believe stereo types that fat people smell bad. not many do.And as for perfection I would take a "fat" guy with a great personality over on air headed jerk with a six pack anyday!

    • Thx you lots...that was well said!!!

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  • In the past, I have dated chubbier girls; one thing I found amusing was that the chubby girls complained about the thin girls, but the chubby girls never did anything about their own weight problem. I mean, they were young, and nothing prevented them from going to the gym and getting on the walking machine for half hour. Instead, they chose to complain about being a bit fat, etc. That kind of got annoying. Also, these ladies were not as confident as the 'thinner' girls and these gave them what I coined, a 'whiny attitude.' Also, as I got older, I realize that these cute chubby ladies, only got chubbier, fatter, and well, I decided that I didn't want to end up with an obese girl; I tend to gain weight easily, but I make the effort to exercise, eat properly, and if I can do it, believe me, a lot of these girls can too.

    • Thxs...i agree with you on these!

    • I can't speak on behalf of all fat girls, but I can say I got to a point where I was like, "Okay, enough is enough". I began eating low carb a year ago and started exercising 5-6 days a week and since then have lost about 55 pounds, but I still have about 35 I want to lose (though most people can't tell as I look about 10 pounds lighter). And being that much thinner has boosted my confidence tremendously.

    • Well that's very good for u....keep it up!!!

  • It's a mix of things, I think. Certain foods affect the health, so when a person is overweight they're also sometimes suffering from oily skin, acne, bad breath, odd skin tones (unless they're exposed to the sun a lot). They're lethargic, irritable, and generally not very fun to be around. The degree to which people exhibit these symptoms varies, but you'll generally see a difference in the personality of "average" people when compared to those who are "fat".

    When they know they're a bit overweight they're not as outgoing, they doubt themselves. Just like a person who has crooked teeth doesn't like to smile very often, they let a physical trait determine how they act in every situation. Fat girls also often have emotional baggage.

    When a girl is confident in who she is and her weight problem isn't followed with malnutrition (lots of fatty foods, very few vitamins and minerals) she'll look healthy - even if she does have a few extra pounds- and happy. That can be sexy.

  • For me, if I'm really into the girl, it doesn't matter if she's got some fat. My girlfriend is about 20 pounds over the weight that she would like to be at, but she has got a really beautiful face and hair and personality, so I am not turned off by her. In fact, I am very much turned on by her, and I'm hoping that when she drops the weight, she isn't too skinny or bony because that would turn me off. When I met her, she was about 30 pounds heavier than she is now. When she would sit on my lap, it would actually hurt, but I never would tell her that because I wanted her to know that I loved her anyway. I think the reason that guys like girls who are thinner is because it's kind of like how girls like guys who are in good shape physically. Being healthy is attractive, whereas, someone who doesn't take care of their bodies tends to turn people off because they don't care about themselves or have poor self-esteem. People feel better about themselves if they are healthy and in good shape, and confidence is sexy! So, someone with a poor self-image does not attract as many suitors, etc. However, my girlfriend had confidence problems, self-rejection issues and did not feel good about herself until she met me. Once she realized that I loved her for who she was and thought she was beautiful anyway, she began to feel good about herself and began to take care of herself and feel loved and like she wanted to lose the weight, and she has been - steadily! Like I said, I love her no matter what! However, I think that we all need to learn to love ourselves - If we truly love ourselves, it doesn't matter what other people think about us! Does this help so far?

    • Thxs....&& yes it does help a great deal!

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    • Wooow you seem to be a real miracle!!! good going, keep it up! unconditional love is the highest virtue

    • Ha ha - thanks! lol :)

  • I picked choice C, but its not like I wouldn't go out with a girl if they have a little extra weight. I would just prefer skinnier girls. It really doesn't make that much of a difference to me though, as long as your not obese.

  • I hear a lot more guys say "Not a chance, she's too skinny" than "She's too fat." My opinion doesn't count; I'm really skinny and it's actually kind of embarrassing being physical with a girl who makes me feel ridiculously skinny (which I am). And even I appreciate a girl having curves. Maybe you're around the wrong kind of guys, hang out in a different town or scene and you might be amazed.

  • as humans we always go towards perfection, I'm not saying petite girls are perfect but as humans we view petite girls as being closer to fit girls than the fat ones. we don't like seeing our partners running towards us and have their flabs bouncing around and reverberating on their whole body. it basically just attracts us more because they look better.thats just it. it is deep in the human mind that petite is better than fat

    • "as humans we view petite girls as being closer to fit girls than the fat ones."

      you're kind of dumb, did you know that? larger girls used to be considered healthier and more fit way before the mere thought of your conception was even put into motion. what you're saying is what the media has trained you to think over the past couple of years, nothing else.

    • Sure it does.MOST people hating this or commenting against it are just in the fat category...well that's just me. I never had a problem with my weight ever and I can do or see things to control it if ever it happens. its your own opinion and I don't really care about it.im just expressing mine so don't be hurt if you have a fat best friend or whatever because I do too...its just the truth TO ME...the way I see things..the way I like things..did you want me to use plus sized girls? just don't get offended

  • a curvy chick is ok as long as she's not a russian tank or looks like an aircraft carrier but curvy or as we hispanic guys call it" girls with nice masita" is a good thing because I for one hate a bag of bones or too much cushion for the pushin, but a little masita has never hurt anyone right guys?

  • The guys answers below are pretty good and I only have one other thing to add. In your age group, guys are also affected by all the advertisements out there that define attractiveness; that being the skinnier girl. So that's what they tend to go for.

    As you get older and they mature a little, I think that you will find that attitude changing. Personally, I like a girl that falls in your defintion of fat.

    • True: Most people change as they grow older...and grow up and mature.

  • Just a lotta social conditioning... nothing wrong with a fat girl- I have dated a few of them- I'm currently in a relationship with one. I like a fat girl because they are usually themselves, and they a realer than most petite/skinny chicks.. not saying all skinny gals are pretentious/shallow, but from what I've seen, fat girls are more understanding...

  • My 3rd girlfriend, and the longest relationship of my life was with a curvy girl. I deeply cared for her, but I will NEVER date another curvy woman again.


    I would lose my erection if she took off her shirt.

    I couldn't take her out salsa dancing, because she'd tire after one song. Plus it's simple physics, big girls can't spin.

    Curvy women talk a big game when in comes to libido, but it's just that. TALK. After I started dating athletic women, quantity of sex was never an issue.

    I couldn't take her hiking, and I live near the mountains =(

    Curvy girls are just as difficult to seduce as busty petite women. If I'm going to be rejected, I'd rather it come from someone I'd attracted to.

    • excuse me sir but that thing about big girls can't spin is a total lie. I am a size 16 and I am pretty sure I would give you a lesson on how to dance salsa. You were dating a particular girl that could not dance but not all big girls are like that, plus trust when I go out with my skinny friends most of them can't even move their hips to dance or even do a damn spin don't assume that all girls are like that. And if you lose your erection that easily, mate I advice you to work on that xoxo

  • In that case curvy in most girls eyes means fat. The amount of times i've seen girls call guys that are clearly chubby bums not fat are countless, if it wobbles it's fat and not a lot should wobble!

  • I am A TALL SKINNY GUY. One thing I learned about SHORT FAT GIRLS: They are INCREDIBLY STRONG!!! I encountered a short fat girl one day who told me she lifts weights. She was VERY SHORT and VERY FAT while I was VERY TALL and VERY SKINNY!!! At the time, I stood 6-foot-1 and I weighed 125 pounds. I learned that she stood 4-foot-9 and she weighed 230 pounds. I had to see for myself how much she could lift so I invited her over to my apartment where I had a barbell set. Before she arrived, I set the barbell up on the floor, fully loaded with discs. It was the first time I placed all of the discs on the barbell so I waited for her to arrive before I tried to lift it. After she arrived, she wanted me to go first. While she was watching me, I grabbed the barbell from the floor and then I tried to lift it up. I COULDN'T EVEN GET IT ABOVE MY KNEES!!! Then came her turn. While I was watching her, she grabbed the barbell from the floor and then she easily lifted it up over her shoulders. I just stood there, stunned and amazed at what I just saw her do. She paused for a few seconds and then, to my utter amazement, she easily lifted that barbell RIGHT UP OVER HER HEAD!!! I became awfully embarrassed being a male who stood way taller than a female who easily outlifted me. But then I realized that she was way bigger than I was. She was unaware that while I watched her while she continued to hold that barbell high above her head, I immediately became sexually aroused. It really turned me on how she, a female, proved her strength to be far superior to mine despite my being a male who stood way taller than she did. She and I stood in front of each other, with me towering way over her while she far outweighed me. I congratulated her on her victory over me. It was then when she told me that easily outlifting me like she did also turned her on. I was looking way down at her while she was looking way up at me when she and I suddenly began kissing each other tenderly and passionately while we both proceeded to gently but firmly caress each other. That was when she became my girlfriend. She led me over to the sofa where the kissing and the caressing continued -- FOR HOURS UPON HOURS!!!

  • 1) I have been around big women all of my life, so it's not a problem.

    2) I've said it before, and I'll say it a million more times: As long as she's is healthy, who cares?

    3) It's complicated to answer. There is a play called "Fat Pig" that discusses this subject. It's actually really good and makes you question yourself and your integrity.

    • Can I find that play anywhere on the net?

    • Maybe. I was reading bits of it in Barnes & Noble.

    • Ok thanks

  • Skinny girls are hot and sexy. the big boobs to the flat stomach ratio is what's hot. If you've got big boobs, but your stomach sticks out a ways too, that's not attractive. It also means your arms are bigger and flabby and you've got cellulite on your legs and butt. None of this is good. She doesn't have to be twig skinny, but not too big either. You can probably say that if there's no cellulite anywhere on your body, your good.

    Why don't girls like fat guys? Because nice pecs and chizzled abs are a lot sexier.

    • There are skinny girls with cellulite, buddy. tyra banks had cellulite while she was on the top of her modeling game.

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    • holy f*** your a a bit of a d***head,

    • That's your idea of sexy. I think guys with 6 pack abs and veins popping out their asses are gross. I love toned or just an average man. Not everyone has the same views. That's very narrow minded. Maybe you should skip a day in the gym and explore the world possibly open a book. You may be educated but sound like a simpleton.

  • It's got nothing to do with stereotypes or personality.
    It's just not attractive...

  • Fat girls can be great partners but they are a pain for slim guys like myself to date. It's true... it's hard to take them anywhere because they get tired quickly, get too hot quickly, can't fit with you in certain cozy places, it's hard to cuddle when they are much bigger and heavier than you. You can't pick them up and hug them, you can't seat them on your lap. Then you have the ones that constantly envy slim girls but continues to eat fatty foods. They get depressed when you take them shopping because they can fit in all the cute stuff or it just doesn't look right on them... You can't workout with them or do any fun physical activities because they can't keep up... they are pain for slim people to date!!! Yes fat girls need love too but stick to people with similar body types!! Save yourself the trouble!!!

  • Personally, I find slightly bigger girls more attractive, although it is personal preference, some like extra fat and some don't.

  • Personally I much prefer bigger girls for multiple reasons.

    1) They don't act like they are God's gift to the world, they much more grounded, less maintenace

    2) I much prefer curves, and bigger girls having much better shape to their body

    3) they are much more confident (in my expierence) and have learned to love themselves, which is a lot better because they won't annoy you with stupid questions about how they look, because your relationship is more than that, looks are a minimal part of the relationship

  • Honestly, I believe in taking care of your body. If a girl is overweight or has big love handles or a gut that overhangs her pants, then she isn't taking care of herself. I don't think it is attractive at all. When I put my arm around a girl, I want to feel her back, not her fat.

  • first of the word "fat" is used way to losely in this conversation.. or even over weight.. I am with this one girl right now.. and she's not skinny like some of her friends she's defffinately not fat .. she's just a little bit bigger.. I don't even notice she is perfect to me.. and I love her.. I would deffinately have to agree on the preference .. guys all think differently .. I've never been over weight and I've grown up with all typed of girls trying to be with me.. but she's the only one who could ever make me as happy as I am.. SO to wrap it up.. theyre will always be those sterio type douche bagg guys who are obsessed with media today and the ideal girl.. and theyres also those guys who look for all around beauty .. girls don't settle for less then you deserve because with time.. your prfect guy will come

  • Look if you're fat and you don't like it change it. I was fat, didn't like it so I lost 70lbs (240-174). I gained a lot back in muscle I'm 215 lbs with 15% body fat vs 240 30% body fat. If you are fat and you don't have any pressing health issues and you are happy good for you. Even with all the weight I lost and got lean as sh** I STILL can't get the time of day from girls. Even fat ones. So f**k it I'll just have to improve myself some more. Its all about the self development to get the life you want the only person you truly have to blame for the state of your life is yourself because you can always change.

  • i have a phobia for skinny girls!lol!i've always had larger girlfriends,and I don't find skinny girls that enjoyable.

    i think a softer,full figured is so much more pleasant than some skinny chick:D

  • Thick girls are the best kind. They are much sexier than skinny/normal weight girls.

  • plump girls, slim girls, a bit over plump - who cares, if they're nice, they're nice - end of.

  • It's a matter of preference. I have been skinny my entire life, at 6 3 I was 140, I realized this wasn't attractive to women so I quit running and started lifting, now I am 170 with 8 % bf and I still have 30 lbs to go. To me a fat girl just seems lazy and unwilling to change. Fat acceptance is a ridiculous concept, fat will never be preferred over slim in a modern society, especially for women's level of attractiveness. My biggest problem with fat girls is that they use the word curvy because it insults curvy women who actually are most men's preference. Examples of actual curvy women are beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson (hottest girl ever.). The average American girl is 5'4" and weighs 165. I'm 6'3" and looked awesome at 165 with a low bf. So if I'm a foot taller than the average girl and weigh the same amount then I consider that a problem.

  • Well, i prefer fat girls so i wouldn't know why people have a problem with fat girls

  • I absolutely love fat girls. Curvy girls are good but the further it hangs over ther jeans waistline the better! I am in a relationship at the moment with a slightly curvy girl but I think I want to get out because she doesn't enjoy my company enoug :( but I really like bigger girls. Hope that helped.

  • D:

    I don't think, I know I'm better than fat people(In terms of fitness and health) I'm overweight with a body fat percentage of 9%. Fat is a relative term, I consider a man fat when his body fat percentage is 22%(+). I consider a woman fat when her body fat percentage is 28%(+).

    These stand regardless of your weight, 100 pounds or 300 pounds. Fat people have no excuse for being fat, genetics? What a pity. I would never date a fat female. I advise against dating fat people, we can't have them breeding. It's this thing called natural selection, let the weak die off. I do not feel disgusted by fat people, unless of course I see one half naked at the beach or something. Fat people have it way too easy, they're potentially lazy, they eat excessively and it turns into absolute waste(Fat), yet they are completely accepted in today's society. People with very high metabolisms like myself have it much harder. They will tend to be skinny or even underweight at an average calorie consumption rate, take into consideration how much harder it is to obtain pure muscle rather than fat people just cutting some calories and doing a bit of cardio. You may be thinking, "It's hard to gain pure muscle?" Yes, in fact practically impossible since after you gain so much muscle you will also gain fat. So in order for a skinny person to get a nice physique a fat person could doing some cardio. They have to do several bulking and cutting phases, where you eat a lot of a good diet and work out, lifting heavy weights. Then you have to cut down your body fat with cardio, and repeat until your at a desired weight and body fat. While a 250 pound fat man can limit his workout routine to one cutting phase, until he hits 180 or whatever he wants to be while getting a desirable physique. Fat people are immoral.


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    • You're entitled to your opinion. However, you can't honestly believe that being heavy is worse than your terrible abusive attitude. Being a bully is as low as it gets. Maybe stop being cruel and try to be supportive and motivating. Calling names makes you the ugliest person no matter who you are or what you look like.

    • I pray you end up womanless

  • Chubby girlz are the best more to hug in my case, even if they are alittle overweight or curvy turns most guyz on chance are if your curvy or fat chubby wateva you will find a good man :)

    i myself would love 2 find a BBW or chubby round girl its so much betta than a twig so don't worry being overweight is great ! :)

    • Would you date me I am 165 pounds and 5'1 and most guys wouoldnt date me because they say I am fat

  • Aite I hate these types of questions.. let's all be "real" here.. blame it on our social norms, or that we have been brainwashed to think this way because of how our media portrays men and women, but come on.. girls are such f'ing hypocrites.. I mean calling a guy "shallow" cause he is more attracted to a healthy, fit looking female is bullsh*t. So you're telling me if a tall, good looking, fit guy was walking down the street and his fat shorter buddy was walking along with him and they both had their shirts off you would check them both out equally? So none of you girls would think ewww that fat one should keep his shirt on, no one wants to see those dough rolls spewing out like that. PLEASEEE. The fact of the matter is, if you eat right, exercise and you're overall a healthy person, your body will reflect that. Fat girls and guys look the way they do because they are generally unhealthy, lazy, and over eat. Listen if you have bad genetics and do your best but can't keep the weight off, that is unfortunate and I feel for you. The media does portray beauty as the skinnier the better, but reality is you don't have to be model stick anorexic skinny for guys to be attracted to you, so stop blaming the freaking media, you're fat and guys don't want you because being fat usually, USUALLY is self inflicted, get off your ass, stop eating junk food every meal, and EXERCISE. Granted, if you are fat and view yourself as beautiful and love who you are in your own skin, that is wonderful and no one should judge you for that. BUT if you are one of those fat girls who can't get laid and it is because you are fat.. and you don't get why the majority of guys don't go for you. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, I have a friend who is like that and she has to cry every time she gets drunk and we're at a club cause she doesn't get attention from any guys. You know what? Her sister is stick skinny and has a banging body, don't blame genetics. Her sister is healthy, exercises and watches what she eats, guess who doesn't? I'm just being honest here, there is no phobia towards fat girls, some guys love them, most don't. If you're one of those fat girls that always bitch about how fat girls don't get enough love, please stop bitching and do something about it.

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  • hmm. well it all depends on the guy. some guys are just psychically attracted to petite girls, while some guys actually prefer a curvy figure. some guys notice that with thicker girls they sometimes come with confidence problems, self-conscious no matter how many genuine compliments the guy gives them. while the majority of fit girls front more confidence. you get what i'm saying? maybe you're going after the wrong type of guys, the looks-obsessed ones, and in the end, those guys are shit anyways.

    sexiness is all about confidence, you could have the hottest chick in the room, but if she doesn't believe it, and isn't exuding that, then nobody is going to believe it either. now you have another girl who's not the first one you check out, but she's exuding this sheer confidence, like she doesn't care that she's not the tiniest girl in the room, because she's hot and she knows it. now that is the girl that's going to attract fun guys, and on top of that, the guys she'll attract will be the ones that don't care that she's not so tiny, but like her because she's having fun and is confident

    so i say, fuck the guys that are size-obsessed, have fun and feel hot in the skin you're in, you'll find a guy who loves you for you ;)

    • Because fat girls are NOT ATTRACTIVE!! no matter what anyone says a relationship has to have physical attraction and if your stomach overlaps ur pant line you loosei don't have a problem with fat chicks many of them are my friends but I would never date one .im sick of hot girls saying they fat and obese chicks thinking they are hot!!! wtf world are we in bizzaro land? if you are fat stick to black guys and maybee some ugly dudes but don't expect to pull a "hot guy" .its brings a mans self esteem down .

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    • To siscarface: no wonder your single! your outlook on women makes you undesirable! and plus iam a big girl and I have a hot guy as you would put it who loves me for the way iam! not my body! >:( so screw you and your opinions because your so damn ignorant!

    • You know what? Don't let it bother you! If you feel healthy and are taking care of yourself you are beautiful no matter what "society" says. Every girl and guy and some type of beauty! So, I say just live life, stay healthy and I assure you that you will find someone who will love you no matter what. Keep your head up! You are beautiful. :)

  • ive never been fat I've been a little chubby,ive been really skinny,ive been toned and a nice figure and I've been normal

    and I tell you now when I put on little bit a weight people looked at me so different I suppose I was really skinny before hand , but guys who liked me didn't show as much interest and by no means was I fat at all

    my friend and I think its actually harder for a girl who is a tiny bit chubby than it is for a girl who is clearly over weight that's just me and my friends opinions as we have viewed it in are time but unfortunately this world is focused on image

  • sorry if this is a guy answer question, I was just browsing the net on this topic and it landed me here. personally, from all the answers I read. I agree with most of them, except the very stupid ones. I have been "fat" all my life. I still am. so I do have all those "whiney issues" because how would you react when everywhere you go, people look at you like some germ. when for as early as you can remember, your whole family calls you fat and makes sure you don't forget it.

    i'm in high school now, that awkward phase where all guys only have eyes for those hot girls. it's all about those stupid standards in society. so yes, I do hold some jealousy for skinny girls for their powers to get guys to fall head over heels to slave for them. most of my friends are "skinny girls". I do take care of myself and try to lose weight and be healthy but it just doesn't work. it's not like I'm injecting mc donalds into my veins every now and then to get a "fat high."

    it's just that I feel like I can never be some guys girlfriend. I'll just be that girl that comforts him when the skinny girl he likes rejects him. that happy fat magic eraser that's always there in his pocket to erase all his hurt and make him happy again. to be put back into his pocket as soon as he recovers to not take you out again til some other skinny girl rejects him.

    i mean I have their bubbly personality, it's not like I'm super fat where I'm immobile and live under a rock. it's just a on and off thing. where sometimes I'll be happy and feel very beautiful and other days I'll wanna crawl up in a oven and melt the fat off. sorry, but this is going to be long. I have inner issues that I'm trying to work out. and right now, I don't want to go get a boyfriend to just "have a boyfriend", because as society has made it, and I'm not putting the whole blame on it. I myself have contributed to my I'm not "perfect" enough yet. so until then, till I reach this "perfect" level, I'll try and work my weight off till I myself feel I'm at a comfortable level, where I can be that bubbly beautiful average sized girlfriend.

    • Omg thx you for this.....i completely understand what ur saying....i'm basically the same!

  • I miss the times where fluffy girls were more appealing because it meant prosperity and better birthing hips. We all have our preferences but there's never a reason to make someone feel shitty for who they are or How they look. If a girl is unhappy she'll try to change it. If she's happy with herself she'll look for a guy who loves her the way she is.if she complains but doesn't do anything about it it probably means she wants a man's love affection and approval. I'm overweight but I've found a man who adores me as i am and wants nothing more tham a life with me we discussed weight and he says he loves me just as i am and if i decide to lose weight not to overdo it because he loves me as I am now and I shouldn't try to change from the woman he fell for. I was bullied and still am sometimes but positive reinforcement has made me feel okay about myself. Don't sterotype allow fluffy girls because one or a few have had certain qualities everyone is different we have to learn to accept each other and ourselves for who we are. Differences and all.

  • Now why would you ask that :-(

  • I lived my chubby child and preteen-hood thinking I was unlikable, unlovable, disgusting... yada yada. When I was 17 I met a guy who told me the day he met me that size didn't matter to him. he had no preference, only that there was a size limit and if he had to take his girl to the wedding in the back of a pickup truck, she was too big. we ended up dating... and he always tells me I am beautiful, dispite my nearly 200lbs... he sees everything that makes me beautiful, not just fat. there are guys out there like that... that don't care, and as long as she loves him, no fat could make her less worthy for him to love her back. I am pregnant now, I've lost 20lbs, amd i can't wait to lose more after i give birth... not for any man or boy, or for my fiance, but so I can look in the mirror and be pleased with myself. nobody else really matters.

  • I'm sorry but fat does not equal curvy
    And it's a matter of preference
    Women can not tell a man what he should or should not like in a woman. That is why I get so tired of hearing women put body types down

  • sorry I'm a little late on this one... anyways here's another question in response to the answers given to this one. What if you have buff or should I say man shoulders that really make you look bigger and less fragile then you really are? I mean I'm not huge but not skinny. I just have some curves, but not major ones, and my shoulders really make me look more manly. And trust me I am not going for that look.

  • I met my Fiance when I was about 40 pounds heavier than I am now , we were friends at first and he go to know me and fell in love , then I thought about how I need to get healthy for our future ( I lost the weight because I knew I have an amazing guy who deserves a healthy girl ) , now I'm at my ideal weight , with an amazing fiance and a healthy life , couldn't be happier .

    So I guess what I'm saying is , when it comes to love don't think about weight , but when it comes to YOUR overall happiness , try losing it , because you become a lot happier when you do.

  • Thinner girls are usually more attractive. If you take a pretty overweight girl, and that same girl became fit and lost about 30 lbs. she would look WAYYY better. Looks matter to guys and they want an attractive girlfriend. Plus their friends will make fun of them if they date fat girls.

    • I haven't found this to be true at all..My bfs friend has a girlfriend and the rest of his friend have all said that I am way prettier then her even though I'm not as skinny as her. All of my boyfriends friend love me and to be honest a few have tried to get with me. I use my personality not my looks and it works