What do you think about fat girls?

When I say fat I don't mean as in huge, just a little extra weight or just very curvy. My question is that why do most guys prefer a slim, petite girl over a curvy girl? I mean they seem to always end up being ignored by a guy or just getting "lets just be friends" don't get me wrong I'm not saying all guys are like that and curvy girls don't get guys. But on a whole there just seem to be a phobia towards fat girls.

So guys I'm asking why is this so?

  • Vote A They scare you/can't manage them
  • Vote B Don't got a problem with them
  • Vote C It's a matter of preference
  • Vote D Other..plz share what other reason
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  • I find it really amusing that girls and guys that never had a weight problem before are answering.This is what wrong with society today they think people aren't worth it or less of a person if they are according to you "fat". People have the same emotions and are capable of being loved no matter what their pant size. I use to be "fat" even though I played almost every sport and exercised daily and ill be honest I didn't have much luck with guys but I lost weight as I got older and became more healthy in my eating. but I didn't do it for ANYONE else but myself.and even now that I have lost a lot of weight and am healthy guys are still not knocking at my door.so I base it solely on personality which Is what it should be based on.And don't believe stereo types that fat people smell bad. not many do.And as for perfection I would take a "fat" guy with a great personality over on air headed jerk with a six pack anyday!

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      Thx you lots...that was well said!!!