What is considered too fat for you men??

Guys what do you prefer?

Skinny - 100 - 115 pounds

Medium - 120 - 130 pounds

Large - 150 180 pounds

Please elaborate in why you like your women that size.


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  • Some guys will tell you that weight matters, but they just don't know how to tell you what they mean by that. Ultimately, don't concern yourself with the number, because it doesn't mean anything.

    What guys look for is how she carries herself, if whatever weight she has suits her, and if she is pretty either way. I have seen some full figured women that I find very unattractive, and very frequently, I find full figured women who are hotter than some of their skinny counterparts.

    Don't kill yourself over skinny vs. chubby, that's missing the point. What matters is how the weight looks on you, and how you wear/carry yourself.

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      Lemme add that I would not be disappointed to be with a chubby, but still beautiful and classy girl. Pretty is pretty.

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      totally agree!