What is considered too fat for you men??

Guys what do you prefer?

Skinny - 100 - 115 pounds

Medium - 120 - 130 pounds

Large - 150 180 pounds

Please elaborate in why you like your women that size.


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  • Some guys will tell you that weight matters, but they just don't know how to tell you what they mean by that. Ultimately, don't concern yourself with the number, because it doesn't mean anything.

    What guys look for is how she carries herself, if whatever weight she has suits her, and if she is pretty either way. I have seen some full figured women that I find very unattractive, and very frequently, I find full figured women who are hotter than some of their skinny counterparts.

    Don't kill yourself over skinny vs. chubby, that's missing the point. What matters is how the weight looks on you, and how you wear/carry yourself.

    • Lemme add that I would not be disappointed to be with a chubby, but still beautiful and classy girl. Pretty is pretty.

    • totally agree!

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  • A few more variables: how tall, and how athletic?

    150 looks different on 4'11 than it does on 6'2", and it looks different on a soccer player than on an ice cream addict.

  • It all depends on the height to weight ratio for the girl. Some girls can carry an extra 15 to 20 pounds and still look good but that's not the norm.

  • Depends on other factors. You can't determine it by weight alone. To a girl who's 5'10" or has denser bones, 100-115 lbs isn't skinny, its sickly and malnourished.

    For the record I like women of all sizes, but my ideal woman is tall--about as tall as me (at 5'11") give or take, I would expect a healthy and active woman of that height to be in anywhere from 140-180 lbs unless she had a small/thin frame or little to no muscle mass.

  • What height should I imagine? It's kinda relevant here.

    'Average' would not be a helpful answer.

    • Let's say a woman who is 5'7

    • I don't have a very strong weight preference, weight-wise my requirements are mostly limited to 'looks healthy' :D. Anything between the upper limit of 'skinny' and the lower limit of 'large' would probably 'qualify' automatically, and so would many girls who are slightly lighter or heavier than that, on a case-by-case basis :p

    • 1mo

      what about a girl, 18, 5'2?

  • First of all I'd like to comment on some oversights concerning the methodology with which you collect data. The hypothetical figures , however accurate on the average 1.70 woman might seem, exclude all women bellow or over that height.

    now, to answer your question, some excess fat (about 3-5 kg or 6-10pounds, given that the conversion from metric to UK figures is correct) to the commonly accepted average weight used to be perceived as a sign of fertility (before the fashion industry , incapable as it is to see the beauty in a healthy human body). Thus , intuitively, I "prefer" the 130-140 / 1.70m girl

  • i like them tall I like the small I love them all


    but id prefer a women who is active and takes care of her body

    and some where in between skinny and medium

    but to be honest its also in the way they make me feel

    cause if she's a skinny bitch

    id ask her why so angry bitch? ha ha but maybe break it to her nicely with a babe in the begining

    because all women are good

    they just have to treat you as good as you do them, and personality and what not

  • If the guy is trying to be realistic, it all depends on the built of the guy too. For me, since I am not too big, not too smal, and yet on the saller side, I would definitely go with Medium because generally that kind of girl would be in the 5'2" to 5'5" range and I love that. With that height range, everything about the girl looks good.

  • I love all the sizes =] I like girls of all weight, like. From skin-and-bones to hanging meat, I looove it. I don't know why, to be honest.

  • Look beautiful wome come in different shapes and sizes...as long as she takes care of herself its all good

  • Weight is irrelevant, I prefer a woman with a body fat percentage of 17% or lower, I draw the line at 27% body fat.

  • 140 pounds is pushing it. That's where I usually draw the line.

    • doesn't it depend on the height?

    • Yes it does. There are a few exceptional cases, but normally any female in the height range of 5'0" to 5'8" with a weight over 140 is usually carrying some extra weight.

  • medium or large, I just don't like skinny very much :)

  • skinny

  • Weight isn't everything, once dated a girl who was 170 lbs but didn't look it at all. I actually like a touch of softness though so maybe I was biased. Also, some girls wear weight well and it actually looks flattering.

  • Medium

  • Over 160. And I don't know. I've always like what most guys would call chubby which is the 130-160 range.

  • depends on her size but if she's like 5'5 a below 115 pounds.

    if she's like 5'6 to 5'9 then 130

  • skinny (not anorexic) to average I guess that's medium I don't really know what girls weights are

  • Medium and less than large. I like a girl with meat on her bones but I would rather not her have all here weight in her stomach and more spread out evenly on her body.

  • When I was younger, I preferred skinny. As I get older, I am more accepting of medium, and even large. Perhaps because that is what is available! But I still think that thin women with good muscle definition are particularly hot!

  • Height is important. 5'10, 130 pounds, skinny. 4'10, 130 pounds, large.




  • personally I like a girl that is skinny and in shape, but weight is dependent on height, muscles, etc.

    However, like the other people said there is definitely a type for everyone.


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  • Don't you suppose that different guys like different types of girls. I think there are matches for everyone

    • Yes, that's why I asked the question. I said "please elaborate in why you like your women that size"

  • Why is 115 in the skinny range?

    If I were 115 I'd be anorexic and my body would be shutting down. Taller girls weigh more. End of story. I know some girls who are 115 and are little porkers while tall girls at 155 are are skin and bones.

    • You're kind of being dramatic. Or hsve you actually been 115 with your body shutting down & how tall are you 6 ft? I'm 85- 95 I've been that & less since I was 11 & I'm no where near shutting down. I have a very active life and lots of energy.

  • Eye-roll. Then another one.

    Did you accidentally "forget" that there's tall girls out there? Such as, well, me?

    I have no trouble saying I weigh 140 pounds. And I'm skinny.

    Hmmm ... how can that be?


    • The question was meant for guys, hun...

    • They seem to be saying the same thing though, me dear. :)

  • I guess I'm in the large range. I'm 150 pounds. I never have trouble getting guys. I actually get more guys at my weight then I ever did at 120-130.

    • And let me tell you girlfriend your the best thing my eyes have ever laid sight on your lookin sexy gorgeous

    • Ha thanks.

  • How the weight distributes depends on the height too - you can't just say that 100lbs is skinny - because it's pretty much the normal size for girls below 5'2. However, someone 6 foot tall may weigh a 150lbs and still appear skinny, because of how tall they are.

    • I am saying in general....

    • If 100 pounds is normal for 5'2 I better lose 50 pounds! Haha no, actually I looked anorexic at 115 pounds.

  • I guess I am medium cause I am short 109 pounds and 5'2 and size 0 waist 4 pants 34A chest and big biceps at least I get quite a few comments from other girls who seem me in a tank top burshing my hair ( wow you have huge biceps ) xD I like weighttraining running and sports too much.

  • dont you think you should include HEIGHT ?

  • it's not the weight that counts..it's how you carry it. ie: really fit girls with amazing bodies might be ilke 140 pounds, because its muscle, etc.

    • This is very true. I am 5 3", 138 lbs, size 4, very fit, and have never been called fat. Most people cringe at my weight, but I put most of it in my bra and other good places. Never ever had a guy complain, and try not to worry about the scale. Society wants us all to think we need to look like Kate Moss. I say bull sh*t, eat cake and live.

    • Why would people cringe at your weight? that makes no since.

    • Luciaa, you're pretty lucky. I'm also 5'3'' and a size 3ish but I weigh about 110 and ANYTIME I gain weight it inflates my thighs and hence jean size. None of it everrr goes in my bra or "other good places". It really does just show that weight is more about how you wear it.

  • I'm 5'1" and about 116. Ugly face though.

  • It's not the number on the scale that counts.

    One of my good friends from high school has a great body (36C, size 8 pants, no love handles, awesome butt) and she weighs 145.

  • I consider 5'6" 130lbs pushing it. That's probably just cause I have high expectations in myself though.

  • Height matters. A 5'0 girl and a 6'0 girl are going to look really different even if they weigh the same.

  • it depends on her height. a 6' foot person that's 120 is pretty skinny

  • I'm 27. 5'6. Go the gym 2-3 days a week and do 15 mins cardio and 45 minutes weight training. My bust is 34 inches (32D). Waist 27 inches. Hips 37 inches. Thigh 22 inches. My weight is 9 stone 7 (133 pounds) I'm a typical size 10. I do not consider myself fat.

    Dependent upon what your body consists of e. g. how much muscle and how much fat etc will depend on how it looks.

    I typed in 25% body fat to see if I was (I'm more like 22.5) this was just out of curiosity.

    It also pulled up pictures of what 15% body fat looks like on 2 different women. One is a body builder and the other what some would describe as skinny. Basically weight as a number is totally irrelevant without the other information such as body fat %, muscle %, water %.

    Also in the UK the average size is a size 16 and height 5'3. I would personally consider this to be fat.

    Bearing in mind there are plenty of girls both bigger and smaller than the above as that is the average.

    Hope this helps :)

  • yeah it does depend on the women and how they carry the weight.

    I mean I had a friend who was probably in the Large size and she is beautiful and gets a lot of guys. I am in the Medium range but I wear my clothes a certain way that makes me look attractive. Also I think it depends on your height too. You didn't specify that. A person could be like 5'9 and be 120 and that's super skinny.

  • I think you are too fat.

  • hey what about xtra large---180+?

  • It depends on height. I'll use my height as an example

    I'm 5'6

    Skinny 100-110

    Normal 111-115

    Fat >115

    • What?! lol I dated a girl recently who weighed 120lbs, and she was 5'0". She was f***ing gorgeous/hot, and not fat in the least bit. I had to be careful around other guys with her, she was so pretty. Give yourself a break :)

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    • Im 5'6 and I weigh more than that and I'm not fat

    • Evangelina, is that you? You seem as brainwashed...

  • i weigh 153 and am 5'5 and in no way consider myself large. especially since most of my shirts are smalls. however myjean size is any where from 7-11

  • Where's your average range in there? It's like you have two skinny ranges, then a huge large one.