Why do girls fake a pregnancy to their boyfriends or ex boyfriends?

Why do girls fake a pregnancy or a late period to their boyfriends or ex boyfriends? What do they hope to achieve and what do they want? What do they expect to happen once the man finds out it is false or the man reveals that he knew she was lying the whole time and he was just playing along?

My brother has an ex girlfriend who was faking a pregnancy. He knew she was lying and he played her game and pretended that she actually was pregnant and stayed calm. She finally gave in and said "I can't keep this up anymore . I am not pregnant."


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well, I've had a few late periods and would be really scared/worried! It's a very scary situation to be in especially when there aren't many people to talk to about it with. Like, I don't want to tell anyone until I know for sure but in the meantime I'm still worried and need to share my worry with someone. So, why not share with the other half of the potential CONCEPTION, ha ha!

    So, don't always assume a girl is FAKING. You have to look at the entire relationship/person before making that judgement.

    HOWEVER, it IS telling how a man reacts. So, if you're in that situation, make sure you are honest with the woman.