I don't want to like him, but I do

so um I really like this guy, he doesn't like me, so I tried to stop talking to him, but then he was mad at me because I wouldn't talk to him, but every time I talk to him, I like him more, and I don't want to cause he doesn't like me, were just friends. Should I jsut stop being friends with him? he's really sweet and I don't want to hurt him, but I don't want to like him or I'll get hurt when he goes out with another girl. what should I do?


i know he doesn't like me

cause he told my bestie who he does like

three girls I know

i wasn't one of them


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  • okay.if some girl's best friend asked me who I liked. I'm sure I woudln't be a dummy and I'd catch on. I would probably intentionally not include the woman who I do like.

    If he gets mad at you for not talking to him, it's probably because he likes you. You won't know for sure, but you need to tell him how you feel about this.

    If you tell him the whole situation and why you don't want to talk to him, instead of just saying you don't want to talk to him.nothing good will come of it. Tell him how you feel. If a girl tells a guy how she feels, the guy will not be creeped out unlike the girl in the reverse situation (who knows why.)

    Another thing you should know is that.for guys, if I'm not mistaken.liking someone means she's cute I want to get to know her - for girls, I'm pretty sure when they say they "like" someone, it's OMFG liek I"M in WUV.my heart is sinking. If a guy feels that way, he will often times ponder if it is love.

    If he wants to talk to you he is interested in you.hence he likes you.

    That's how I see it anyway. You're not bad looking at all, judging by your picture. If he doesn't like you even a little bit, he must be gay

    In middle school, I liked someone a little bit, but I didn't want them to know for whatever reason probably just the feeling of security.so I lied about liking someone else. I couldn't somehow just ask the girl out or whatever. . Soon, I found myself out of touch with her and I realized what I lost. Don't let this happen to this guy in case it's this situation.

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      Haha, that's funny

      i know sometimes girlsa can be like that but he's more like my best friend, and has been since we were 4, and I'm not the lovey dovey type, it makes me sick to my stomach

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      Well if you feel this way...then you already like him, so being friends or not being friends with him will be irrelevant to your feelings. If he goes out with another girl, regardless if you are his friend or not his friend you will still feel a tad bit jealous and/or uneasy. Hurting him will only hurt yourself

      My advice to you is that you let him know some how. The best relationships come out of loving friendships; and that's true to an extent. It's how you make that relationship that matters.