What does it mean when a guy says he is indecisive on whether he likes me or not?

We have been off and on for the last year and he won't tell me if he likes me or not . I have told him I like him but still he won't give me an answer. I even told him it would be OK if he says not all he says is that he doesn't know. I don't get it guys are suppose to be indecisive. I just want closer or something. Or am I just wasting my time.


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  • This guy doesn't sound consistent or considerate towards you.Is this really a guy you would want a future with? Even if you were in a relationship? He's obviously not reliable when it comes to feelings and I cannot see what kinda security there would be if you were with him. I would rather just move on and give this one a pass. If by now he doesn't want anything more from you and still can't make his mind up it means the attraction towards you from his side is simply not enough. Don't let it break your heart. Chemistry and attraction are funny things so don't look at yourself and blame yourself. You can't fight who you fall in love with or not. Get out there and find someone else for you who will not be like that,


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  • maybe he's insecure and doesn't know what he wants, he might not like you as much as you think it seems, or maybe he's just not ready/want a relationship right now(<---- what I'm going thru)


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  • Means he is not into u

  • it means exactly that. he's nt sure. what else culd it mean?

  • Could be a few different things...

    1. He's simply not sure how he really feels about you.

    2. He knows he likes you but he's not sure if he wants you enough to be in a relationship.

    3. He likes you but he also likes somebody else.

    4. He doesn't really have any feelings for you and he's afraid to hurt your feelings.

    Honestly no matter what the situation is I think if he hasn't figured out whether or not he wants to be with you in a year, it's time to move on.