Do women say the opposite of what they actually mean?

this is more for the experts but you can answer too

a girl becomes interested in a guy, and the guy becomes interested in the girl, because they supposedly "instantly connected" the guy asks the girl for her number, and right after he gets her real number, she says to call him. is this a test? I have heard that girls test guys to see if they can get the idea, or did she really mean to call her?

cause I wound up calling her twice (once to get her my number, and once to say hi), with no callback either time

  • Yes, women do test their men, saying the opposite of what they actually mean
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  • No, women mean what they say, and she really does want him to call
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feel free to explain, as well
btw, she just called, I didn't answer as to not make it seem desperate, she left a message..wanting to hang out


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  • See? This is what's wrong with people these days. We've become so focused on "not getting hurt" that we've completely forgotten how to dust ourselves off and move on gracefully (and in a healthy manner) if we do!

    First, stop with the game playing. Forget about "looking desperate." If I was her, and you answered the phone, I wouldn't have thought you were desperate. I would've thought "Oh, I'm so glad he answered after I didn't those first two times he called, now we don't have to play this agonizing game of phone tag!" BUT because she's probably playing "the game" as well, I'm sure that's why SHE didn't answer the two times you called. Ridiculous. You like each other, just leave it at that. You don't have to play all these neurotic mind games to prove it! NO wonder the divorce rate is going up. People are nuts... I'm moving to Canada!

    Second, unfortunately yes. Women (well, I know I sometimes do) say the opposite of what they mean. I think ultimately we want to see how hard a guy will work to pry the truth out of us. Simple as that. Working hard wins our affections.

    • ^That's what I'm saying^

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    • Thank God someone agrees with me on the whole game playing, shit. It's fucking ridiculous and people end up getting hurt over it. We're supposed to be grown ups, but were playing the who text who first and who answers who call first games. so pathetic.

    • Soooo right, these paranoid games of interpreting and reinterpreting things is so useless and annoying

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  • i guess it depends on the woman

  • Girls will not always say what they mean for 3 reasons:

    1. They don't want to hurt the guys feelings.

    2. Its a way we protect our emotions. Sometimes girls can't always tell guys what they REALLY mean because they are worried that they will be judged and that what they actually want to say will not come across well. Or sometimes its a situation where if the girl says how she really feels she could potentially get her heart broken. Really its a self-defense mechanism.

    3. A guy is creeping her out and she is just saying anything she has to to get him away from her.

    • 4. all the above.

      ps. this girl is telling the truth!

    • Okay, so all of those still sound like excuses for lying by proxy. I have aspergers, and just... you know, MAYBE people would be better off if you were more honest with them. Then maybe those guys you think of as creepers would learn better tactics, and wouldn't be considered creepers.

      Be honest, it's all about number 2. You don't want to tell him the truth and be called a bitch, but the thing you're missing is if a guy would call you that for the truth then YOU AREN'T MISSING OUT ON ANYTHING

  • sometimes girls say things as a way to not let out all their emotions, such as, "i'm fine" "no it's okay, you can go out" or "i don't mind"

    however, when a girl asks you to call it means that she really is anticipating the call - some girls just aren't good at getting back to you!

    i'm glad she ended up calling back :)

  • Do men? It depends on the person. I like to be direct but that's because I am emotionally intelligent and articulate so I can communicate what I mean well. Some women, just like men, can't.

  • it depends. if I would tell a guy that I like to call me... then hello, CALL ME!! but here is an example of a test. my boyfriend (now ex) wanted to take his truck through the mud. I told him it would get stuck. do not do it. he kept begging and begging and so I said "fine you can do whatever you want." he took it through the mud. that bitch got stuck too.

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  • so in other words if a girl says she's hungry, that means she's stuffed? LOL

  • Good be a challenge... keep up the good work!

  • Well if I felt we were both that interested I would've called her on the spot so she'd have my number to begin with lol. Then we could chat it up in stereo and have a good laugh and I'd be like... sooo how bout lunch tomorrow and a movie? LOL

  • Okay, a lot of women play games. But there are some out there who don't. So what you have to do is figure out which women are playing games and which aren't. It's pretty easy to figure out as long as you don't play games.

    Women play this game because they don't want to seem to desperate. They want to make a guy work for them. Whatever. That's high school crap. If a real woman tells you to call her, she means to call her. No remember that real people also have real lives and real jobs and real bills to pay, so she may not answer because she's doing stuff. But she'll call you back, which she did.

    Best thing to do is be honest and straight up with her and tell her you don't play games.

  • Changes between woman so too difficult to depict

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