Do girls like guys with hairy legs?

of course, not overly hairy, but a reasonable amount! :D


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  • one point of my life all the guys that were in my class shaved their legs and if one of them didn't they made fun of him I like it because they were taking care of their bodies and they knew how us girls always had to shaved our legs and make sure its perfect...after a year I got really tired and sick of it because really it was ridiculous then they didn't shaved for a week and had that short hard itchy hair on their legs which I hate to see...seriously guys should have to shave their legs..your leg hair is pretty cute and straight(or curly) but its hot GUYS DONT SHAVE YOUR might have lots of hair on your legs but don't worry your a guy and still looks good

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  • I'd rather guys shave like girls do... but I realize that's no really sociall acceptable, and it's natural, so no biggie.

  • Hairy is masculine. Sasquatch is just too much, you get it?

  • reasonable amt is okay.too "luxirious" or so much like a desert legs are not okay for me.

  • hairy legs are really no problem for me at alli could care less I've liked so many guys with really hairy legs. I'm not saying it s aturn on because it isnt, but it also doesn't bother me whatsoever. as long as the rest of their body isn't excessively hairy then its ok


  • i absolutly thing it would be discusting if a guy shaved his legs!hair is a plus :) lol

  • yeah, so long as the leg isn't so covered in hair that you can't see the skin. some leg hair is nice though.

  • Yeah, please please don't shave your legs.

  • all I'm gonna say is DONT SHAVE, other than that its all good =]

  • leg hair is leg hair. It's genetic, you can't do anything about it.I personally like my boyfriend's leg hair. it's cute.

  • Definitely. Guys should never shave, that would be abnormal.

  • ya. I think it would be weird if a guys legs were as not hairy as mine. haha.

  • yeah I agreee not OTT amount but enough to make it look manly and hardman sorta thing

  • yup! lol

  • i like it to the point where you can see their skin and also long enough to the point where its prickly, that just itches like crap

  • Shaved. I don't like body hair...

  • i don't care as long I can see more skin than hair ...shaved doesn't bug me

  • I like somewhat hairy legs. Blonde hair on guys' legs freaks me out...but bear-legs are far worse than not-enough-hair.never shave your's weird.

  • YES

  • i would prefer a guy to have hair on his legs.. it gives off a manly look.. hairless legs on a guy is sooo gay! lol j/k well only if he shaves!

  • i don't really care, that's not where most of my attention is at ;) hahabut I wouldn't want a guy to be completely smooth and I wouldn't want a bear - just "a reasonable amount"

  • Well, it's not like I find hairy legs attractive, but I don't really notice guys' legs much. It's not a problem. A guy who routinely shaved his legs would be much more of a turn off (I kind of can't even imagine a guy doing that.)So basically, body hair on men is usually fine. Except back hair...gag.

  • i don't really notice but I guess it's alright. most guys I go out with have a little hair on them, but it's his personality and non-physical traits that matter. just do what you feel comfortable with

  • Personally I prefer hair free.

  • honestly its part of what makes you boys all manly =]It can make me itchy, but I'd rather you have hair than not! lol

  • I don't like the fact that they're hairy, but I prefer them a million times more than the shaved ones. It's not a turn on nor a turn off. It's just hair. All boys have it. Hahah.

  • Yes, hairiness is awesome.

  • This one does.

  • They sure do :)

    • Yesss!!!!!!

  • I don't mind.

  • I don't care either way.

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  • there are so many guys I no that wax and shave their legs.. its so gay but they all think theirbig and tough...hahaha fools

  • my girlfriend says it makes her itchy when I put my leg on her cuddleing

  • Don't basically all guys have hairy legs?

    • TURN OFF.

    • Hmm.... I wonder if that's a turn on or turn off... haha

    • Some shave...

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