Guys, do you ever feel male competition?

Guys do you ever feel male competition with other guys over a girl? For example, if you are working on a lab with a girl lab partner and you notice that a guy across the room is giving the eye to this girl and smiling. Would you feel threatened by this other guys "eye" attention? Would you feel like you had to compete, even if you had a girlfriend? What I am trying to understand, is do guys feel jealous if another guy gives shows interest in a girl even if they have a girlfriend? Or do guys only feel jealous (competition) if they like the girl and another man is giving her attention. Do guys feel like this with any girl? Guys, what do you do when you feel the male competition?


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  • I hate hate hate competition. I hate how I become, how bad it can make you feel. That you wish so bad for the other guys loss, doing everything you can to make sure you get the girl you have your eyes on.

    Honestly most of the time, I always back off. Especially if I know he had his eye on her first. But if by chance I really know the girl well, and I've obviously spent a bit of time with her, then I'll definitely compete. Sad but true, it's survival of the fittest, even when it comes to dating.

    • Amen brother!

      I think this is why in most cases guys simply back off, you might be interested but bugger to that sort of jealousy.

      But every once in a while you really like the girl, and then "he" shows up...suddenly you carefree and leisurely pace is feel compelled to make her yours or risk losing her forever.

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  • Sometimes.

    Depends on the woman, the level of connection, level of interest.

    There's a former crush (tiny bit of a crush still there); story of my life. Not interested. Wouldn't even give it a chance. She has had several boyfriends.

    Honestly, they seem like really good guys, so, well, if she isn't interested in me, I'm at least glad that she seems to have the sense to pick some good guys. I feel a twinge of frustration and maybe a tiny bit of envy, but honestly, I don't hate these guys, and we're on friendly terms. It's not personal with me.

    I'm no competition to anyone, so there's no real need for that very often. I try not to hold grudges against people that don't deserve it.

    There are guys who really p*ss me off. But not often.

    Similar to the "jealousy" aspect, sometimes we men get a little "brotherly" if we aren't intersted in the girl but we love her as a friend. I feel protective of my real friends.

    I have a good buddy, now he can kick some butt. He's a huge guy. And just so you know, I'm a little guy. I'm 5'7; 150 pounds. He's like 6'3 and works out constantly.

    Well there was this time where my friend wasn't around, and this old guy (we both knew) started talking to me. Then the old guy started talking about my buddy's sisters in a dirty way, and suddenly I wanted to punch this guys teeth out.

    It felt really strange, since I'm not really all that close with his sisters, and his sister's are attractive, so I bet they get that a lot, but I felt this urge to smash his face in. They're awesome women, so I feel a little over protective sometimes. It was as if he was talking that way about my sister.

    All I did was warn him that if I ever hear him talking about my friend's sisters in that way again, I was going to punch him.

    It was actually quite funny I suppose, (especially when he kind of backed down) but I was ready to fight this guy. I was seething p*ssed off.

    I have a woman friend that I've been friends with for years. I'm not interested. She's not either. So, a few years later, she announces that she's engaged. While happy for her, I suppose maybe for a tiny while I had a jealousy about kind of "losing her" as a friend. I didn't really know him well, so I suppose there was a hint of awkwardness, like one of those non verbal "if you hurt her" warnings, though I didn't really think he would.

    I suppose that on the other side of the coin, for a short while, her fiancee felt a little bit of competition over her with me. It certainly felt that way. I think that by now he's gotten to know me enough to know that she's not someone I'm interested in and that she's made it clear to him that she loves HIM.

    Now we're really cool. It's almost like I gained a friend in law, and got a better relationship with my "sister" when part of me kind of thought I'd lose her friendship after the wedding, and it seems like all that tension was gone since we've gotten to know each other better.

  • Yes we do. Its called **** fighting.

    • Even if you have a girlfriend? So you are saying that you feel this way even though you are not going to date her?? You wouldn't even have to "like" the girl and you would still feel jealous if another guy shows interest?

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    • I'm guessing with that comment you're a little young to say that... when your 40, you won't feel the same way...

    • I may be young, but the way I act and my personality (shy) I highly doubt it. But thanks anyways.

  • Yes, we do, and well when I feel like another guy is competing for the same girl as me (esspecially if I already have a thing going on with her) then I will become aggressive with the other guy and take some measures to prevent him from being able to interact with that girl.

  • Yeah. I feel it a lot with some of my friends. Sometimes they seem way superior to me as far as style and fitness.

    I especially feel it when a guy does something for the girl I like. A guy went and got the girl I like a piece of cake (her leg is broken so she couldn't). Same guy the next time we all eat together sits next to her after I tried to sit next to her. I feel so jealous and competitive, but at another level I feel like I can't compete with him.

  • I don't play these kinds of games.

    I'm interested in women who are interested in me. Period.

    I have never fought with another guy to "win" a girl, and I never will.

    Why not?

    It's humiliating. And no girl's worth it.

    Any girl who thinks the guys who so all this stuff really want her is missing the point: the guy's main motive is *not* to win the girl, but to put one over on the other guy.

    • Very nice comment, I do feel similar. I get the people who disagreed are the girls who like having many men on their fingertips. This only further shows your argument that no girl is worth it. If a girl is willing to let two guys go after her, then obviously she wasn't really serious to begin with for either of them.

    • I was able to learn from the mistakes of others. Seeing these soap operas when I was young taught me that no good ever came from them.

      I have been tempted a few times, but it's just not worth it.

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  • they probably do constantly.

  • Male competition, history has it .

    1) In Greek mythology, Menelaus and Paris brought about Trojan war for Helen.

    2) In Indian epic Ramayana, Ram battles against Ravan for Sita.

    • That was awesome.

    • Actually.. Helen only helped spark the Trojan War, it wasn't the determining factor or the main reason why they went to war on Troy, but nice.