Guys, do you ever feel male competition?

Guys do you ever feel male competition with other guys over a girl? For example, if you are working on a lab with a girl lab partner and you notice that a guy across the room is giving the eye to this girl and smiling. Would you feel threatened by this other guys "eye" attention? Would you feel like you had to compete, even if you had a girlfriend? What I am trying to understand, is do guys feel jealous if another guy gives shows interest in a girl even if they have a girlfriend? Or do guys only feel jealous (competition) if they like the girl and another man is giving her attention. Do guys feel like this with any girl? Guys, what do you do when you feel the male competition?


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  • I hate hate hate competition. I hate how I become, how bad it can make you feel. That you wish so bad for the other guys loss, doing everything you can to make sure you get the girl you have your eyes on.

    Honestly most of the time, I always back off. Especially if I know he had his eye on her first. But if by chance I really know the girl well, and I've obviously spent a bit of time with her, then I'll definitely compete. Sad but true, it's survival of the fittest, even when it comes to dating.

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      Amen brother!

      I think this is why in most cases guys simply back off, you might be interested but bugger to that sort of jealousy.

      But every once in a while you really like the girl, and then "he" shows up...suddenly you carefree and leisurely pace is feel compelled to make her yours or risk losing her forever.