How can an ugly guy like me get a pretty girl to be interested in me?

Please Help!


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  • Just checked out your pictures...You're average looking. The ugly thought probably comes from how you are perceived in a group.

    Thing is women are not just attracted to looks: the number one thing is status (being the leader of a group) which of course has things like confidence as a side product.

    I was in the same desperate position as you are now once...but then I found a seduction site trough which I learned allot and was also mentored by a friend of mine who's a really big player and that pretty much turned my life around...

    Instead of being the funny clown of the group and a nice guy to girls, I became the leader of the group, the sexy guy women turn heads for (trough working out etc :P ).

    You just have to be willing to go for it all the way...most men stop midway because they just can't get over the first dozen rejections (when you're in the trail and error phase) and start getting skeptical or start thinking that they will never get girls.

    With that mindset you'll never get girls lol.

    I started out with this site link but as I mentioned before, I got allot of guidance from a friend who could learn me very specific things and It was easier for me to adapt his bodylanguage and humor etc. since I hung out with him regularly and saw him in action allot.

    Later I became a member of this forum link trough which I rapidly gained status to a point where I learned other guys how to date etc and started writing articles for books and promotion which lead to me co-writing two books as for now. One of them being free to download at link which is a very good beginners guide.

    Check it out! and start bettering your life.

    Also on a side note; working out always helps :P