Boyfriend said I'm 'too easy now' what does that even mean?

My boyfriend for over a year the other day said jokingly that I'm 'too easy' after answering his phone call.which I ALWAYS do and then telling him that I miss him. I have a feeling he's getting bored with me and wants me to play hard to get, but it's been so long that I'm afraid I don't know how to anymore. I'm always around to hang out with him or answer his calls. When I first met him I went on to tell him how I was anti-marriage, anti-love, etc. and he said he liked it better when I was anti-everything. How can I make things in our relationship exciting? Should I appear to not be as available anymore? I wanna play hard to get but don't know how to go about doing so when I don't wanna avoid/ignore him. Thanks!


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  • If he asks for something try and beat around the bush, don't just give him what he wants the second he asks. And sometimes, just don't answer his call. I think he wants you to be more teasing.

  • Yea make yourself look busy if he calls a few times a day don't anwser the firts few times. Make him work for everything


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