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Why does my girlfriend act like she doesn't care about me?

I've been dating this girl for about 6 months. She's never said anything even close about breaking up, and always says she wants to be with me. She... Show More

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  • You have 2 choices here..

    Break up with her, because she can't fulfil you emotional or Accept that's the way she is and she will never change...

    From the sounds of it, it sounds like she does like you a lot.

    The reason I think she does like you is she looks for you when you don't call and actually try to change for you.. but she is just a brutally honest person.

    Tis can be a good thing because you'll always know where you stand... I doubt she is the kinda person to say something but completely mean something else.

    The downside is people like that are generally not the "emotional type/mushy.." type.

    The decision is entirely up to you...

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  • To me it seems like your her crutch and she doesn't want to feel abandon or alone but at the same time she still likes you but isn't able of keeping a steady relationship knowing she has fear showing intamacy... ?

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