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Why is my boyfriend so cheap with me?

I am not going to lie. I love buying myself things, as a girl ofcourse, I love cosmetics, clothes, shoes, purses and so on. But just to clarify I... Show More

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  • I really do think the whole cable thing is really odd. I mean yea, you aren't paying for it, but if you aren't doing PPV, then what is the issue? It doesn't cost a whole lot to watch cable and you have to pay for it regardless if you watch it or not.

    My boyfriend is kind of the same way. He is what most would call cheap, but I realize why. He comes from a big family and doesn't like to waste money. When we go out, we go to either free events or stuff that doesn't cost a whole lot. But we still go out. He doesn't ask for gas money, but I can kind of understand the whole gas money thing. It is expensive, and if he is the one always driving, I can understand that.

    I would talk to him though, especially about the cable thing. I think he took that too far. I can understand wanting to pay less for the concert tickets, because being up close isn't always better. But if you are really concerned, talk to him about it. Tell him that you love him but are hurt by his ideas about money. Ask him if you guys could work some things out. But at least he got you some tickets though :P

    I don't think that for an anniversary you have to have a gift, but even if he cooked you a nice dinner and was romantic, I think that would be enough. Perhaps tell him that. He should do something special for you. It becomes a concern for me when a guy refuses to do anything special for the girl he loves because he feels like counting pennies is more important. If that is what is happening, then let him know and tell him how it makes you feel.

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  • Sometimes, guys like things simple. I'd rather watch regular movies than, ppv. Cold pizza is the bomb, and anything refrigerated is still good to us. Cheap seats don't exactly matter, being next to the speakers doesn't sound so good. I sit on the sides of stages and it sounds amazing. Just ask him for something simple, shouldn't be a problem for him.

    • It just seems like he's always counting the pennies ...why would he ask me for half the money on a 10 dolar meal that we share if being simple is the answer

    • Well, whomever invited, pays, that's it. You shouldn't have to pay half, unless you offer.

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  • You definitely haven't a right to be mad. But also you need to remember that some people are just cheap like that. Its not something they do intentionally, its something that their personality and mind force them to do. I think you should sit down and talk to him about it. Tell him how you feel and bring up certain incidents. Every girl deserves to be pampered but also remember its about give and take. Its perfectly fine for you to buy dinner every once in awhile, but all the time or putting half down on things like gas is ridiculous. Also not giving you gifts is not right, I'm sure he expects something on those days.

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