I kinda ditched my girlfriend on New Years--how do I make it up to her?

We were supposed to hang out for New Years together, but never made any plans. I ended up going downtown with a buddy of mine. My question is, she's severely, understandably, upset and mad about being alone last night. How do I make it up to her? I am absolutely horrible when it comes to expressing "feelings"

Also, this is a "Grown-Up" relationship.


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  • I don't know why everybody is ganging up on you - you said you guys didn't make any plans, so how could you "ditch her?" - There were no plans set in stone, and from the sounds of it, it sounds like you made the right decision hanging out with a good friend instead of going out with some emotional flake...

    You're under no obligation to make it up to her. It's not like you said "I'll meet you here" or anything like that and didn't show up... It wasn't like you when out with her and left her at some bar... there was nothing planned, so you don't owe her anything.

    This is obvious people!


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  • That is pretty horrible that you left her alone for new years eve.

    i would be pretty upset with you as well.

    are you honestly sorry? or do you feel guilty and feel like you need to make it up to her because its 'the right thing to do'?

    i think its pretty obvious that when you are a couple with someone you are going to spend new years eve together regardless if you officially made plans or not.

    why didn't you ask her before you made additional plans to do something else?

    i guess at this point its too late to fix any of t hat - but be sure to think about that next time.

    what do you think would make her happy? flowers? make her dinner? take her out for dinner? take her out on a fancy date?

    have your own little 'late ' new years eve celebration. and replay the night as if you were together?

    you know her best..

  • can't express your feelings? yeah, sounds really "grown-up." if you're sorry about what happened, tell her you're sorry--pretty simple. you kind of screwed up there, and you're not going to be able to do something that'll exactly make up for it. you could plan a nice date or something, or you could just ask her what you can do to make up for it and let her know you're really committed to trying since you understand why she's upset and know you did something wrong. but really, her being mad is your consequence for ditching her. you kind of just have to face that--there's not going to be a repeat new years eve for you to re-do.

  • I guess that's the expectation of being in a relationship...you find out if your SO wants to do something or you're expected to do something with them unless it's agreed upon that you are not going to be hanging out.

    Don't do it again - ever. That's number 1.

    2) Just apologize to her

    3) Make it up to her by telling her that one you're never going to do it again and two plan something special for her or just do something she'd want to do for the day.

  • This is a grown up relationship but you ditched your girlfriend on New Year’s Eve night, don’t think that was too grown up of you. However, if your girlfriend is willing to forgive you for your actions it shouldn’t really take much effort on your part. True forgiveness comes from within. But if you want to make it up to your girlfriend, do a special date night. Do something she likes, that you normally try to avoid. It don’t take much for us to forgive someone we actually care about, and chances are if your girlfriend really was so upset with you that she ended up not going out herself then she has issues within herself. Personally I would have said f*** it and went out with a group of friends. There is no reason to set at home alone unless you want to.

  • Make it up to her.

  • You have a LOT to do. I hope she cussed your ass out. lol. She'll understand if you all are in that ''I love you'' zone but you have to make special time for her from now on and don't ever do sh*t like that again.

  • Create a new New Years celebration just for you and her

  • LMAO NOT a good way to start 2013. I mean if you don't wanna be with her, better to start the year off right & handle your business.


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  • Say that you're really sorry for the "ditching" that you've done.

    I'm sure she'll understand.

    And it's best when you go out tomorrow for a date, not the dining dates, but physical dates where you two can hold hands when walking, spend time with each other through skating, walk in the park, boating, or just be there for her beside her bed talking about things to calm her emotions down.

  • If it's so "grown-up" why did you ditch her? Now I figure other people are trying to make you feel about what you did, but let's be honest here. The way you wrote it, kinda seems like you didn't really care about spending time with your buddy. If you really are sincere and want to make it up to her, you should spend an entire day with her, doing things she'd like to do.