Why does he still want me around if he doesn't want to be with me?

My ex and I broke up last September because he met someone else. It hurt me a lot because he lied about her, but I was not an idiot, I knew about her and that he was lying. When we broke up he wanted to help me heal and came to see me a lot on weekends and made it clear he wanted to be friends. But... Show More

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  • Ever heard of "wanting to have your cake and eat it too?"

    Be candid with yourself, it took two of you to 'sleep together'. And no one can "pull you back" into anything without you being willing to go along.

    If you want to move along then be strong and move along. It's REALLY tough to remain close friends with anyone after the relationship is over and it sounds like your was over a while back but now he wants some sort of "Friends with benefits" kind of deal and that is too painful for you. (As it should be)

    Get out and go find someone who wants ALL of you. This guys will always have one eye trained on the other pasture just in case something willing should happen along.

    Good luck