Self Made Man Documentary: Something every girl on GAG should see

Someone else put up a take about this a few weeks ago. I finally got a chance to watch this documentary and I was very impressed. It's about a lesbian woman who goes on a 18 month journey into a man's world. She doesn't get a sex change...but she convincingly disguises herself as a man. The entire objective of her experiment was to get first hand experience on what the man's world is really like.

During the documentary she joins a men's bowling league, goes to strip clubs, tries picking up other women (who think she is a man), goes on dates with women and even goes on male "inner sanctum" trips, etc. In the end she shares her experience and has a completely different view on what the world is like for men.

This is very interesting and not misogynic. I highly recommend taking a minute to watch it.


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  • I read that book years ago. It is very, very interesting.


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  • I think there was a transgendered woman who took testosterone and she said she felt like a monster.