Why It Is Okay to be Gay

Why It Is Okay to be Gay.

I know there a lot of things being said about this issue. And that it's an issue that's been around for a while. But it's going to stay for a lot longer if nothing is done and minds aren't changed.

First off, I'm gay. I grew up not even knowing what gay was other than happy. I grew up knowing that some girls like girls and that some boys like boys, but I never thought much of it. It was just a thing that was only in books and movies.

When I came out, which was actually not very well, I told my mum and then thanks to one facebook status and thousands of cousins, my dad asked me if I was a dyke. Cause I knew what a dyke was at that point apparantly.

My dad told me to go back to straight because it's 'easier'. I'll have more 'friends'. Well if they weren't okay with me being who I am then what kind of friends would they be in the first place? Seriously.

But anyway. I used to attend a catholic college. Every time we had sport, I would find myself distracted by my female classmates legs, then catch myself staring and look away, wondering what was wrong with me. I forced myself to check out the guys but saw no point. They weren't as hot as my friends always said they were. I mean a hot guy is someone who gets your motor running right? Well, none of them did. It was the girls who did the trick, even if I didn't realise it.

But that's the thing. I never knew what gay was, so how could I choose to be gay? You can't choose an option you never knew existed.

I told my friends one time that I thought I might be gay, they accepted it for the most part, but one decided to beleive I was joking, no matter how many times I said, I'm serious.

I don't think she wanted to accept that, and that's okay. I don't mind that she doesn't want to believe that I am actually gay. She still talks to me, still likes me as a friend, so why should I care if she won't accept that one part of me?

I don't.

What I do care about, is when people go further than simply not accepting that their friend or anyone might be gay. When they go as far as to disclude that person, or bully them for something they can't help.

I know some people say you shouldn't, but I'm going to compare gays to people of another skin colour.

Let's say straight people are blue, okay? And gays are red. For the sake of consistency and because there is an extra layer of discrimination about them, let's say bi people are green.

If a blue person saw another blue person, they'd wave and say hi, how are you. They like each other because they're the same. Doesn't matter that they couldn't help being the same, they just are and that makes them likeable.

If a red person saw another red person, they'd wave and say hi, how are you.They also like each other because they're the same.

If a green person saw another green person. Same thing.

If a blue person saw a red person however... let's turn back time a little. What happened to the people born black while the whites were in power? Nothing good yeah?

Black people can't help being black and white people can't help being white. Well the red people can't help being red either.

So blue people don't like red or green people. Red people don't like green people but have to live with the blue people as they're the majority. You gotta feel sorry for the green people. Being discriminated against by the blues who know nothing, and the red who should know what they're going through.

I'm not sure if I'm making my point. Think of a dog and a cat. Why do they hate each other? They were both born the way they were and have done nothing to deserve each others hate. So why do they hate each other? Sure some get along well enough, but others will automatically hate.

Hmm... okay I fail at the whole 'don't hate becuase if you do it's like hating dot dot dot.'

So I'm going to just shorten it down to, why are people hated simply for the way they are? They can't change it. We don't choose it.

Alright. So why is it okay to be gay?

Well firstly because you didn't choose to be gay. If you did then that's fine too. Don't know why you would but hey, each to their own. Just so long as you're not just experimenting under the pretense of being legit gay. Don't go breaking hearts okay?

Everyone needs to be themselves, and calm the fuck down. I'm gay you're gay. You're straight, well... I'm still gay. And whether you like it or not, that's how I will stay.

I have nothing else to say, so enjoy these memes:

And last one:

Let the comments commence!

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  • "... because you didn't choose to be gay..."

    That's only partly true in my opinion.

    I contend that indeed a minority of people is born (or grew up) what I'd call "obsessively gay". A tunnel vision on the own gender. Why? I don't know. Nothing wrong with them.

    I also contend that a number of people is born (or grew up) what I'd call "obsessively straight". A tunnel vision on the other gender. WHY? I don't know. Nothing wrong with them.

    I also contend that a number of people is born bisexual. WHY? I don't know. And they could and did chose to be gay for some reason. A tunnel vision on the own gender. Nothing wrong with them.

    I also contend that a number of people is born bisexual and they could and did chose to be straight, with a bisexual fling at moments. Nobody really likes them. Nothing wrong with them but they're tempted to cheat, just like straights and gays. Or they suppressed their bisexual flings.

    I takes all kinds of people to fill a world.
    I probably met hundreds of gays without ever knowing or guessing their sexual preference. (I had to decline a few times sexual propositions by gay people, indeed. It didn't hurt anyone. )

  • Down-vote me if you like but I honestly don't like homosexuality and it's not something I can support, that being said I dislike the practice not the people who practice it unless they give me reason to, I've met some gay people and they were pretty nice and interesting people. I do however respect them in same manner two enemy combatants respect one another or their enemies dedication to their cause or side.

    ( obviously I don't see them as an enemy though just people staying true to what they believe in and you can't hate someone for that )

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    • @lcarus
      A comment thats over a year old and he already explained that he knows for some it is achoice and for others it isn't. So just stop.

    • Doesn't matter how old it is. There's still a box for me to comment on and this post in itself still exists for others to see from the search bar and to comment on.

  • let gay people be gay!

    no sarcasm.

  • It's totally NOT ok to be gay. It defies both nature and God's will. How would you procreate with your gay partner if you both have the same sexual organs? How are you not afraid to go to Hell for committing such a terrible sin? Also, it's abnormal and ridiculous.

  • I accept homos but that doesn't mean I believe homosexuality is right. Some gay supporters are ignorant in saying that they don't choose to be gay and that they can't change, but that's not true. And also the ones that think god hates them because god loves everyone and everyone is equal to god. And the ones that say "if you don't like homosexuality then don't be my friend " they are judging Christians by what they believe in. I'm not saying all ate like that but I have seen slot who are.

  • What do you mean by "It Is Okay to be Gay"?

    • Are you serious right now?

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    • Well I've found that arguing on the internet is a waste of time that I don't have at the moment.

      At least you're being civil about it and saying it's your opinion not absolute truth. Thank-you for that.

    • Of course arguing is a waste of time on the internet or otherwise, nothing I could ever say would make you change your mind, what on earth would make you think anything you might say, could ever change the mind of somebody else... people don't change minds based on arguing...

  • Anybody who can't accept gays and bis and trannys, are the spawn of hitler, reincarnated

  • I don't think it's that people actually hate gays. I'm a straight man, I love women & if someone wants to think I'm an ass for thinking that a guy getting screwed by another guy is disgusting then whippy shit. I'm not going to pretend I think it's normal, because it isn't. As you said, you can't help how you feel about something. Ask any straight guy what his worst nightmare would be if he was facing a lengthy prison sentence.

    Another thing, if I went around & started telling people how proud I am to be straight & not gay or tried to organize a "I'm straight & proud of it parade, The gays would call me a hater & a racist. It's ok for gays to ram it down our throats with their gay pride parades & shit but if we don't "pretend" to like it, we're assholes.

    Any truly straight guy is going to think getting a dick up his ass is gross & maybe if gays didn't try to convince people into thinking otherwise, or throwing it in our faces, they would be more accepting.

  • ''Same sex marriage isn't gay privilege, it's equal rights. Privilege would be something like gay people not paying taxes. Like churches don't''

    - Ricky Gervais

  • Frankly, I'm really happy to see when folks in EU/US think homosexuality is okay.
    At the end of a day it serves our (and our allies) geopolitical interests.

    Obviously, I completely oppose this movement at home.

  • honestly i have never met a homosexual who is mentally sane. usually have some sort of mental issue or just something weird about them. aside from their sexual orientation

    • Hey, I bet you have some weird mental stuff going on too. Looked at any weird porn lately?

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    • Mental issue... you mean like homo guys talking with high voices or some shit like that and trying to act like prissy women.

  • Homosexuality is not a sin, even in the Christian Bible. G0d loves all his children. However, the practice of homosexual sex is an abomination and no amount of media hype, support groups and legislation will change that. Someone has to say it.

    • Yeah, thanks but, that's been said a few times already ^-^

    • Your contradicting yourself. an abomination is a sin.

    • Sins are acts, not states of being. You may have the darkest pedo hungers possible but if you don't act on them, you do not sin. You can be the most flaming fag in the world but if you don't couple with a man, you do not sin.

  • I am straight and Catholic, just so you know from what viewpoint this opinion is coming from. I dont have a problem with gay people at all, in fact I think that if two people care for each other then that isn't such a bad thing irregardless of their genders, there is plenty of hate in the world, love and kindness is much more needed and in shorter supply.

    To those who don't agree with this, I will can only say that Im sorry you feel that way, but that is how you choose to see the world. At this point I would like to ask you to think about something seriously. Many people who oppose gays say stop trying to force us to accept people who are gay. I understand you don't like it, but if you think about it , is what your are trying to do any different?

    Those who are gay are treated like lepers by many, are denied services, denied rights, some are put into camps and programs to try to force them to fit the mold their families and communities adhere to. If the shoe was on the other foot I believe you would want to be treated like a normal human being, and those who are gay aren't any different. Next time you are thinking of passing judgment try taking that into consideration.

    • This is so great!

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    • @therussianconcussion
      LOL <3

    • therussianconcussion, let me make one thing clear, I was raised Catholic and for the most part I can see where they are coming from on a lot of things, but I believe there to be a lot of contradictory bullshit in not just the Christian/Catholic religion but in most religions. Just because I believe in God doesn't mean I can't disagree or have empathy to try to understand where people are coming from.

  • In response to all the negative comments, all I can do is stand up and shake your hand.

  • It's 2015, how the fuck can you discriminate and mistreat people? There's no excuse. I'm Christian, regardless of how you feel as far as it being a "sin", discriminating someone is wrong.

    • you're not christian.
      seriously, no christian is going to believe you.
      the whole wolf in sheeps clothing thing doesn't work dude.

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    • Perhaps you should take a look at Romans 1:28-31 and cross reference with Romans 1:21

    • I would prefer not to argue with someone who pretends to know the bible but knows nothing about its true meaning nor about why it was actually written. Though I admire your passion, I pity your convictions. Might I suggest some reading? The book of Mathew but specifically chapter 7. The entire 1st and 2nd Corinthians, specifically 1 Corinthians 13, book of Proverbs, Galations 5, Genisis-Deuteronomy. If you truly care about the Bible, it's meaning, and being a better person you will take my advice. You are the only one to use foul language my friend, clearly you are being hypocritical... also, I'm not going to respond anymore to your spam, you clearly do not have an accurate understanding of the scriptures and prefer to either use them for your argument, use them out of context, or focus on only one point while overlooking the rest. Besides I'm not going to throw my "pearls before swine" any more with regards to you. That's in the book of Mathew by the way :-)

  • I'm cool with whatever sexuality they are

  • I like piƱa coladas, so I think I'm like 2% gay.




  • it seem more like gay marriage open the door to more possibilities. these possibilities seem to effet/affect the commitment of a normal relationship. because more options/"new possibilities are put on the table. it takes a way from heterosexuality.
    here is my example:
    example 1: girl dates all the wrong guys. she dates only level 8 guys when in reality she i only a level 5. because they keep on treating her wrong she decides that men are not right for her and starts dating women. she does this because in her mind the best guy she could date represents to her any man she could ever date. so to her men are boring or only want one thing. rather than reevaluate herself and the guys she date/ her choice in guys and try dating a guy closer to her level she "moves on" or "upgrades" to women. simply because she was trying to get the better of guys she was not meant to be with in the first place. because of the new possibility she browses over any good guy she could have gone with and started a relationship out of... well... spite or pain

    • haha! I actually had a friend who was VERY obese and she couldn't find a man! What did she result to? She became a lesbian!! TRUE STORY! So, you are SO right about this. And, I know she really wasn't a lesbian as she and I were best friends and she always cried over guys that treated like shit.

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    • lol what you described is a slut who can't get the right men and keeps choosing the wrong men.
      seriously if all the guys are wrong then maybe they aren't the problem but she is.
      and isn't this some sort of movie?

    • no I've actually seen this three times in my life the first time was in middle school

  • Well, here I am, a conservative Christian commenting on this take :D
    Sooo... Guess I better start off by saying that I would never treat a person differently based upon their sexuality. That being said (and you knew where this was going) I have problems with your take.
    I agree with you on at least one point; sexual feelings are EXTREMELY hard to resist. I have a serious problem myself with this, I find it hard to keep myself from certain things I should stay away from (porn, ok). It's hard. But it IS a choice whether to act on these feelings, and we can make the right choice.
    Also, it is kind of sucky to compare sexuality to race issues. Both groups have had similar discrimination issues, but it's different in one huge aspect. Wouldn't it have been great, if back in the days of institutionalized segregation, if other races could've hung up their slightly more pigmented skin in the closet and gone out in a different color? Moving on.
    God (and using my faith is the best thing I can use here, there's a whole thing about non mutual stimulation and some other stuff, but I wouldn't be good at debating that), doesn't punish people for making mistakes. God isn't going to let go to hell because you give into your feelings, any more than he will mine.
    People who use the bible to justify their prejudice are using God's name in vain (one of God's top ten no-nos; and being gay isn't by the way guys). I could delve into the theology I'm talking about when I say that the bible doesn't require punishment of homosexuality anymore, but that'd be boring. Just believe the Southern Baptist white dude when he says that homosexuality is bad according to the his faith, but homosexuals ain't bad people according to the same faith ;D (do people really want to argue this? You might convince me my faith tells me to kill the gays hahaha OK seriously you're not going to convince me of that).
    I'm not going to talk about the pics you have ha
    Well... It's been fun guys... Did I miss anything?

    • good opinion. and, by the way, when you get older and find someone to share your "sexual" endeavors with, you will not use porn :) also, people sin... and God forgives us for sinning :) If you have issues with porn and it bothers you, you can also pray. I have issues myself with things like anger problems when driving and etc and I pray... it really does help.

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    • i love how these people argue that homosexuality isn't a choice.

    • @therussianconcussion
      K I've lost count of the number of times I've said I honestly can't state that I think sexual attraction is a choice, what I'm saying is that you can choose whether to act of that attraction.
      Well yeah, if sin didn't condemn us or we didn't sin, we wouldn't need to believe in Jesus.

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What Girls Said 39

  • It's okay to be gay because it doesn't hurt anyone else. People just don't like the idea that there are things in this world that they can't understand, and when they can't understand something, they get scared and become defensive, expecting it to be abolished.

    In truth, being gay doesn't affect anybody that doesn't exist in that relationship. People just over estimate their importance and try to over involve themselves in the endeavors of others.

  • Don't you just love Bill Maher? :) Great myTake, and I'd love to see in my lifetime that being gay will just be one more way people love each other rather than to be judged for or made fun of, or worse, ostracized.

  • Great take. I don't know why people use "it's a choice" as an argument. So what if it's a choice? People should be able to choose what they're attracted to. But, I still think we are born with it.

    I'm bi, and I have always been. I enjoyed reading your take.

  • I think in 2016 if anyone needs to make a big deal out of themselves being gay than its a internal problem. Will gay marriage lead to other things , yea because now people realize not everyone can marry poly marriage will be legalized and most likely incestual marriage will too. if it's between two consenting adults Its none of my business. and comparing being gay to someone ethnicity is so dumb, your born your ethnicity never been proven your born gay. Now your gay , good for you some people won't like it some will, just live your life.

  • I think that some people are born to be gay while others become gay/ bisexual because of the surroundings. I mean most women have or want to have a sexual encounter with another women while most men dont want to have sex with another man. I think that its only because guys think girl on girl action is hot. And therefore it has become something thats not just accepted but appreciated. Or it is just because women are sexier than guys <3 naah jk

  • Your the first person I've seen use the color analogy right. I'm all for letting everyone (i don't care who they love) have equal rights.

    But I fucking hate when people compare slavery to gay marriage rights. You can't help you you are anymore than anyone can help their skin color. But you basic human rights weren't taken from you for hundreds of years.

    Again, thank you for using politically correct analogies.

    • I wasn't referring to the slavery. Just the discrimination on the whole.

      I don't blame you for thinking so either.

      What other way has the colour analogy been used?

    • Some have tried to compare how African American were enslaved once and fought for their freedom. So apperently gays are doing the same thing.

      Others say "gay is the new black".

      Gay marriage rights is definitely important, but it isn't 300/400 years of being treated as less than human.

    • And I know you weren't :)

  • a lot of what you spoke about was materialistic and about sex/sexual attraction. If that what a relationship is about to you then it just worsens my opinion on gay people because it supports my view that all gay people are interested in is the gay sex and then the 'love' derives from that.

    • I actually didn't say anything about sex at all. And I don't understand where you're getting materialistic from?

      All anyone is interested in is sex. It's just a thing. That natural drive to reproduce. No gay peeps can't reproduce if they follow their urges but eh. I'm interested in sex. The next person is interested in sex. You're probably interested in sex.
      I would never base my relationships around sex or the prospect of getting it, but I do think about it. A lot. Just as much as the next person. Just as much as you.

      Just because I identify as something different to yourself doesn't mean I fit into a whole new identity or group. You can't sum gay people up in this whole 'only interested in sex' thing. You just can't. That'd be like summing all men up to only thinking about sex and all women to only thinking about babies and shit. It's not true. For some, yes. But for the majority? Eeh, no.

      Love is love though. Regardless of how it came about or how it is realised.

  • A lot of you are rude af. Who cares if you're gay? It's not hurting you or influencing how your life goes, so you're wasting time hating someone's sexuality. It's not hard to accept that people are just different. Live and let live.

    *If people can choose their sexual orientation, why would anyone ever choose to be hated, discriminated against, beat, etc? Why would they choose to endure pain and suffering from idiots and close minded people when they could avoid that?

  • I agree that we should stop hating on gays and bisexuals and that we shouldn't discriminate against them. It's too heartbreaking to see people getting beat, being thrown out of their houses, being unable to find a job because they are gay or fighting with their families and their friends. Especially if this discrimination comes from christians. God told us not to judge, to help all who need help and to care for other people. Though, I don't agree in promoting and glorifing being gay, as an alternative way of life. Each person can have his/her own sexual preferences, but this doesn't mean he should force them in the whole society. By legalising gay marriage, we also make it a society's institution. It's not natural to be gay, so this shouldn't happen.

  • I am a huge saporter of the LBGT Community. I was reading threw some of Thea's comments and want to get some thing of my chest

    So take a seat and grab a ✏️ and 📓 theirs some notes you need to take to live in the year of 2015+. Are you ready kids? Let's start!

    Sexuality= who/gender you like
    (Their are 16+ difrent sexuality. how many people can you hate?)
    Gender= who you are in the inside.
    If a male with a dick and every thing feels like he is a femail in side then wow look at that he turns in to she if she wants to be a she. And so on


    Is some ones sexshel orientation harming you In any way shape or form? If so look the other fucking way. Did any one in the LBGT community ask you if it was ok that they loved anther humen or how they loved them? NO!! Wow I wonder why? *sarcasem*^
    If you don't like the way some one loves all u have to do is turn your head. Okay? Okay !

    Fore instance most people like Bacon. I meen how can you not? But some people would ouften say ewww😷🙅 and no way to chocolate covered bacon , but some people love the idea of 2 of their fav foods put together.(it's realy good) so chocolate covers bacon is difrent and some think it's gross. And it's okay people are aloud to have their own thoughts. Some may disagree but as long as those thoughts are not hurting any one in any way it's ok.

    Growning up you may of hated the jock that got all the girls, or the girl who had ton of Freinds and all the guys falling head over heels for them, but one thing is for sure they were difrent. They were not like you so therefore u did not think you had any thing in comen but in reality she loved doctor who just like you. Or loved to play skyrim. You thought this boy/girl was so difrent and u had to hate them but realy you have a lot in comen.

    🎉🎊 IT IS THE YEAR 2⃣0⃣1⃣5⃣!!!

    Did you just say people all around us are difrent? What? It's 2015 people are black, guy, strait, muslim, Catholic, you know what all theses people have in comen? They have blood running threw their vains. That love. They have a favorite book and movie, they cry and sing and they live. We are difrent but awsome and it's 2015 you think after all those years people would have figured that one out.

  • Okay, this take is just disgusting. Men and women were made for each other physically. A woman and a woman just don't work (same thing with men). Only a man and a woman can have kids together. We were all created that way. Those that think otherwise should go to a mental doctor.

  • I'm not really for or against homosexuality, I guess more on the positive side of it though. I think if you really love someone you should be able to be with them no matter who they are as long as it's not a relative or something.

  • Love who you want to love and of you love them enough you won't let societys opinions get in your way! 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  • i dont mind them , i actually really like them! i have a lot of gay and bisexual friends but I'm a devoted christian, i do thinl it's a sin and i should not encourage anyone to "stay" gay and not do anything about it, but i also have to love everyone and treat them all like i want to be treated. I don't mind them at all i just don't like their lifestyle that's all, plus it's not natural and a bit well... eww, they can't reproduce and the sex is different.

  • It's not ok to have a defect. You shouldn't be shamed for it, but it's not "ok".

    • Being gay is not a defect. What does that even mean? That we're broken? I'm not broken.
      Crazy, annoying and bitchy, but not broken.

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    • being gay is totally a mental defect.

    • it is a defect. science has proven it.

  • Stop trying to force us to accept gay people.

    • Not forcing anyone. You chose to read the take.

      Key word: Chose.

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    • seriosuly though im so tired of these homos and supporters.
      they are the most annoying people i have met on the face of the planet

    • @muspelhem_5

      am I not allowed to have a opinion? I'm pretty sure I can. And when did this violat any rules on gag?


      So you agree?

  • Love and support from an ally!

  • I am totally shocked by the amount of negative comments on this - and all the up votes they are getting! And it's younger people too. I guess I'm just lucky to live in the area that I do that most people don't feel this way. And anyone that does usually keeps quiet about it because they are the minority. I had to read through a bunch of negative ones to get down to the few positive ones. Just wanted to let the owner know that I completely support you and anyone else with their choices in who they want to love!


    • So normal people have to agree with homosexuality?

    • @jerseyboy1234 there are no "normal" people. Everyone has something that someone else would consider "wrong" with them. Society's definition of "normal" would be the majority of people who follow the crowd and what others say they should be so they aren't ostracized or made to feel bad about themselves. THAT is not normal. As far as your question, no we don't have to agree with something or who someone is. BUT, we have no right to make them feel bad about themselves or point out what we consider to be their flaws. We each have our own "flaws" (based on other's OPINIONS) and would hate to be put in the spotlight.

    • I won't say normal people, but how about people with a heart and common sense? Some great videos:

      The Golden Girls have answers to everything!


  • People that assume that being gay is against nature , well let me just list only a few of the many animal that's have been seen displaying homosexual behavior : bison, chimps, dolphins, dogs and giraffes. And before you ask for my sources , it's mainly my university biology studies and evidence such as footage. so there's not point in doubting this.
    And also , if you think being gay is a choice , *laughs at how dumb you are* would it mean being hetero is a choice? So like you woke up one morning and went "man, I love the opposite sex! I should totally be hetero. " no. You did not.

    • Ok, I'm not comparing homosexuals to these animals, you did.
      You do realise that many of these animals also exhibit behavior like ingesting their own feces, incestuous behavior, and cannibilism right

      Again, I'm not comparing homosexualality to these behaviors, but I find it strange that people who want (and should) be treated like human beings compare (and allow teIt supporters to compare) themselves to animals. 8/

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    • no one forces them*

    • @therussianconcussion
      haha thanks for the follow. wow, I think I have a thing for Russians now. they have the most logic on here o>O

  • it is not okay what the heck are u a homosexual yourself trying to choke your wrong ideas on people

    • My wrong ideas

      You're only seventeen (granted I am too but still) what the hell do you know about wrong ideas

      Think of it this way if you will, what would you do if you were gay, or trans-sexual

      Would it still be wrong then? Or is it only because your parents have told you so that you think it's a terrible thing?

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    • @basketballchick4eva
      you need anger management. either that or you are a troll

    • I thought this myTake was well written, included humour, and got all the points across. Where in any of this did you think she was choking wrong ideas on people? There is love between humans in all different forms, and none of them are "wrong". What's wrong is finding hate when all people want to do is co-exist together and find a love that's right for them, whether it's with someone of the opposite sex or same sex. If you don't agree it's for you, that's your business as a straight person, but to say it's choking wrong ideas to people is a little harsh. In this day and age, a little acceptance would be nice.

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