Since last night I have pretty much confirmed my niece blocked me on facebook because she's jealous. What should I do or should I do anything?

My niece blocked me on facebook because I shared a picture with an old friends daughters that came to visit and then she blocks me? For what? Why is she jealous and what should I do or should I do anything at all? Vote what I should do and or explain if you don't mind.

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  • Just get off fb altogether. It causes so much crap

    • You have a very good point right there. I would just leave but I have other things and groups I'm a member of though. My family added me I don't recall adding them except for my brother.

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    • I believe it was intentionally designed to do just that destroy family and friendships too.

    • Maybe... that's why I don't have an account


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  • Ignore her. That's a petty reason to block someone.

    • You are absolutely right it is petty. But she is super jealous for whatever reason I can't figure out. She's being childish if you ask me.

  • are you sure it's cause she's jealous? I have aunts and uncles who im friends with on facebook and I want to post certain pictures but i realize they're are my friends and sometimes i just want to delete or block but i know they'll say something... but talk to her and ask her why she blocked you on Facebook and if she is jealous then let her know that she shouldn't be

    • I know because she blocked me the same day I shared the picture. And then she was not sociable the day we were invited to her moms house to eat and she was a little rude too. Then I figured it out.

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    • Thing is she didn't say anything she still hasn't yet and normally she lets her mouth fly any other time even when she should keep it closed. She cut me off without saying a word as if I read minds. Now what do I say or how do I even bring it up to begin with. I don't know what her problem is.

    • let her have her space... when she's ready she'll let you know what's wrong, but just cause you're giving her space don't ignore her. when you do see her try talking if she isn't responding don't keep trying to talk to her... that way she knows you care but you aren't bothering her or pressuring her into talking

  • talk to her.

    • But I'm lost what do I say to her?

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  • find a way to talk to her about it. why ignore a family member just because she blocks you on facebook?

    but perhaps she blocked you for other reasons, like she didn't want you see certain stuff on her page

    • Blocking me for other reasons is certainly possible but she has popped off about me helping other girls before and the timing of it I was only blocked not even a few hours afterwords after sharing a picture of me and the other girls together. As for talking to her I don't see her very often because she rarely ever comes around which is another reason I don't get her what give what does she expect when she never comes around?

  • ignore her... how old is she?

    • She is 28 and the girls in the picture are 9, 13 and 13. I don't know what her deal is why she's so jealous. At this point I'm very sure it was because of the picture I shared. So is it because I recorded them shared the picture their dad took with my facebook friends? Or something else? Where do I begin what gives?

    • guess u should ask her y?

    • I may do that the next time I see her. But no matter what her answer is I suspect I know why and it's because her mom completely spoiled her through life and now she's grown her mom in many ways has cut her off from a lot of those things she was spoiled with. She demands special attention from others around her some would make the argument that she's a attention whore. I'm not her dad not her mom and I'm not her one of her boyfriends either and she needs to get that through her mind. I can't keep up with her and I shouldn't have to it's not my job and I don't owe her anything nor have any responsibilities outside of being her uncle either.

  • I think I would be inclined to let it go. She is just being a child.

    • You're right about that. I'm not going to say anything to her at all I'm going to act like I never knew a thing about it and let her stew in her own juice until she's done being a little child.