Why did he mark my message as unread?

So i emailed a celebrity and asked him if he wanted a professional website done for him because obviously he doesn't have one, i tried to keep things on a normal level.
I seen that he read it. No response.
A few days later i sent him a message and it said this,
Why did he mark my message as unread?I really honestly never even heard of him until recently! But on my facebook messanger is says he has read it but when i get on my computer it said it hasn't been read yet so im wondering if he marked it as unread. And why would he do that?


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  • Hey maybe you won't fuck him, but you can fuck me if you want instead ;)

    • Sure!

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    • Lmao you are a mess!

    • I'm entering your poop shute ;)

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  • Perhaps "FB Messenger" did this for me being he is A... Celebrity.
    Whenever I Send a Message in the Chat box, And for Sure, Someone has Read it, It then States "Has been seen," and if Not... A blank in the space.
    Celebrities have to be careful Today, So many Crazy people out there. I realize that you are probably not on the List, But still, One has to be Careful.
    Good luck And sorry you are Disappointed. xx
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks hun :)

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    • No, Not creepy at all... Never mind them. Many people send to celebrities, but of course, they have to be careful.. I have One good celebrity friend who I am friends with but with our meeting, (She is my mom's age) we became friends and still write occasionally. I went through Her agent first and then was contacted "All is well" to come and meet... We have met up when we can but she travels all over the place. They
      Stars get scared and should be.. I am sure This guy should be sorry he didn't get to meet someone like yourself who is probably the most amazing Real person instead of all His stuffy friends. xx

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • "I'm not obsessed or anything like that..."

    Yeah, right.

    That second message just flushed any concept of professionalism right down the drain.

  • wow... the only sign of life on his end was marking it unread from read... and you're going bonkers...


  • His PR manager read it

    He himself hasn't


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  • Because he probably gets tons of offers and shit like that all the time.

  • Fuckin creep