Why do girls like wearing leggings and tights?

Why do y'all like to wear tight clothing? Are you just looking for attention and want show off your body or is there another reason. I want to know the mindset when y'all leave the door wearing leggings?

or is it to drive us all crazy...lol
lol all along I thought yall did it to tease us...:(


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  • Leggings and tights are what I wear under a skirt that is just a bit too short so that I have some coverage.

    I'll also wear them if it is just a bit too cold to wear shorts/skirt and too warm to wear jeans. The only time I wear leggings as pants are when I have a long shirt to cover my bottom and a long cardigan to cover it.

    I don't do it for attention, I do it because I want to be comfy and I like it.


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  • I just like how my legs look when I'm wearing tights. Nothing more complex than that really. I wouldn't say it's for attention, just looks good to me.

    • I personally think that guys don't really understand yet that when a girl gets dressed up, it's mostly for herself and not for attention, there is a part of it that is attention, but it's mostly for how she feels in herself.

  • I am proud of my body, and love that leggins/tights really show/compliment my physique.

    • simple yet true idea; if they look good on u, then why not wear them? :)

  • They're VERY comfortable. They're loose and they move with you. Personally, I like tight clothing because it's like a perpetual hug. It just feels right on my body. Loose clothing gets in the way.

  • I don't really like the style...I just feel like part of the outfit is missing. Like when you see girls wearing just a tunic, thinking it a dress...

    But it's the fashion right now, so that's what people will wear. And they're comfy, so why not?

    I don't know, not my thing I guess

  • Because we like to look good, it makes us feel good about ourselves.

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  • idk but I love when they do!

  • Because they can swear what ever they want

  • Fashion. It's the new craze to wear leggings, tights and yoga pants out in public. That's just what is in.

    Comfort. Jeans can get kind of annoying and skirts and dresses can be a bit dangerous. So they resort to the comfort of the leggings and tights/yoga pants, the material they're made of is more breathable etc..

    Attention, they like when men look at them but not stared at. They know we like seeing them in them but that doesn't mean we should just stare, at least have the decency to talk to them.

    Cheap. They are relatively inexpensive, especially the non name brand stuff. Jeans can get pretty pricey (even non brand) and so can dresses/skirts..

    That about does it

    The only other reason why they probably might do it, is basically, to piss you off

    • I will say though that of course not all women do this. Only the women who prefer it, do

  • im sure they're comfortable

  • Because there warm and really comfy and go wel with anything

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