My boyfriend toke his baby mama out to eat for her birthday?

Ok my question it wrong to be mad that your boyfriend toke his baby mama out to eat for her birthday while I was at work. He told me that he went out to eat but it was for his dads birthday Because his dads birthday was the same week..but he also told me his baby mama went with him and their son . But the next day we got into an argument and told me well yea he paid for her Because it was her birthday dinner. I know they have child together but am I being to selfish to be mad that he toke his baby mama out to eat for her birthday with his son & his dad? Opinions! Pleaseee!

Said he finally said he only gave him 150. We have tons of bills coming up and I'm far from greedy but wouldn't you think 30 toward rent would of been better because I'm not paying for it because he was birching and stressing for a couple days before that about money. And also I feel if he can't buy me anything for our one year anniversary or Valentine's day this year he shouldn't get her anything dinner or not. He has money to take her out for her birthday but doesn't get me anything


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  • As a girl who has two cousins who have children out of wed lock

    (one of them being male), I can safely say that your boyfriend and

    the mother of his child being on good terms it's much better for the

    kid, trust me!

    My male cousin and the mother of his child, basically loath

    and dispise each other. It wasn't always that way, but they've

    always had rocky relationship. He's got custody of the kids

    and she's not a very good mom. They're not together now, but

    their eldest son (who turns 13 this weekend) had to watch all

    the fights, yelling, swearing, talking smack about one another,

    the police being called and the constant moving in and out with

    each other. It's been hard on him and he'll probably now have

    messed up view on relationships and their youngest ( who is 3)

    doesn't talk and is acting out aggressivly, that's probably due to

    the fact he's never had proper bonding time with his mom and

    she's never around, I mean she's see's them, how often I don't

    know. What I do know is, that it's very hard on those kids having

    there parents not be on good terms.

    My point, is I understand that maybe you're hurt that he didn't

    tell you the complete truth, he should have. However, there's

    nothing wrong with him taking the mother of his child and their

    son, out for her birthday or paying for the dinner. It's a nice jesture

    and sets a good example for their son. Also, I noticed how you

    said to another answerer in comments, that your boyfriend has said

    "I love you" to his childs mom? Just because he tells her he loves

    her, doesn't mean he's in love with her. I'm assuming they were a

    couple once and may have at one time been in love and now they

    have a child together? Not to freak you out, but having child bonds

    two people together for life and if they split on good terms, than of

    course they might still feel a love for each other. That doesn't mean they're

    getting back together or in love with each other. You know what I mean?

    My best advice would be, if you're really afraid there's somethings else

    going on between them. You should sit them both in a room and confront

    them and ask "if there's anything for you to worry about?" And, say "You'd

    rather know the truth now, than later on and risk everybody being hurt"

    Ultimately, it all comes down to trust. You just have to trust him and

    try not to get too angry when he does things with her, it might start to make

    him feel like you're trying to alienate him from his childs mother. Obviously,

    you don't want that. Just hang in there and I hope things work out in your

    relationship. Good luck! : )