Where can guys meet nice girls?

I mean nice as in innocent, who wouldn't think of having a one night stand and who are in general friendly and easy to get along with. The girls I'm finding instead all seem either slutty, disloyal or are more just looking for a night of fun, rather then anything else. I'm not looking for a one night stand, but for something along the lines of a relationship. But it seems that it is hard to find nice girls when the only places to go on the weekends are clubs.

So where would a good place to meet nice girls be?

Some other questions along this line have said youth group or church, but I'm not really a religious person and I wouldn't want to pretend to be something I'm not.

Ok so you think that I can meet a nice girl if I spend time in coffee shops, the library, the park or doing charity work.
What advice would you give me about approaching girls in these place, as while I'm confident, I doubt I would know how to start a conversation with her, seeing as we would be strangers.

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    Definitely in school (if you're in it... not hanging around... that would be a bit creepy in my opinion), library, park, etc. as all of the girls have stated.

    In approaching, go up to the girl (hopefully she is alone) and make conversation about ex.:

    Library: (sit next to her, stand next to her, go up to her), ask about a book she recommends, what is she reading, is it good? Then continue the conversation as any normal person.

    Park: Nice place to hang out in the park, nice day, comment on the weather, about the town/city, etc.

    Coffe shop: Do you know the area, what drinks do you recommend, where you from... sound casual. Hopefully you don't scare the girl. There is a chance, especially if she is not into you. But I found that if the girl gives you a chance (as I have) then it will work out fine. If she is really busy and moody, chances are she will think you're a creep and ignore you.

    Well, I met my boyfriend at work... I did not talk to him at first. I thought he was weird as he was very friendly and talkative while I'm the opposite of him. lol But when he looked at my food (when we had lunch together in the office), he made a comment about it and we got on a conversation about food, where we're from, etc. and I opened up... still thought he was weird though but he continued doing that every time we had lunch together. Finally we exchanged numbers (rather, he got my cell and put his number on my cell... I was bored and decided to text him- which is how he got my number) and that's how it kicked off.

  • There are lots of nice girls out there. You just have to know where to look. Places like the library, a bowling alley, a skating rink, coffee shop, even the store! All you have to do is flirt a little. In my opinion if guys think it's hard to find nice girls think about it from our stand point...it's also hard to find a nice genuine guy...

  • Ask a girl about a book she's reading if you notice a cute girl reading a book, go from there. In a coffee shop, ask what type of coffee you should get from the cute girl in line, maybe offer to buy her coffee for her? just a thought. Charity work, well that's easy, talk about the work you're doing.

  • look for the girls who are not throwing themselves at every guy... perhaps shier ones...look in the library, at coffee shops, join a volunteer organization...there are plenty of nice girls!

  • Thats me

  • i feel the same way about this..its impossibly to meet guys my age who don't just want to sleep with me

  • If you're taking classes of some sort (like at college) that is always an EXCELLENT place to look.

    Otherwise, as for approaching a girl in a coffee shop or at the library, if she's reading a book you could always ask her what she's reading. If it's a book you've read you can easily go off that. If it's an author you've heard of you can ask if she's read his other works. Or you can even recommend a book to her.

    Of course, all that is assuming that you read. Otherwise, some conversational topics you could start are about the weather or recent events. "Oh you've got a German Shepherd? Well did you hear that..." whatever.

    Hope that's kind of helpful?

  • Oh well I'm one of them, And personally I would say most of them can not be as outgoing like most un-shy girls. I would say its probably hard to find them, but good luck. :)

  • Well that is the type of girl I for one am. I am not the type of girls looking for a one night stand at all. I do like to have fun with my friends. School for one is a nice place to meet a girl (she seems more into getting a education), hanging with friends, and etc. As for the church thing I am not that big into going to church, I do believe in my faith, but I don't preach it at all.

  • volunteering. Approach girls as you would if you were trying to make friends with random strangers.

  • before you judge others, perhaps get to know them for who they are? maybe some guy treated them like sh*t and that's why they're considered "slutty"

    i mean

    nice girls are everywhere

    there isn't some allocated place for nice girls

    if you don't treat girls nice, the less chance you're gonna find a nice girl

  • It's all to do with where you look. Clubs, bars, pubs, parties or gang-bangs for another are not the places you are going to find a nice girl. I happen to be a nice girl with good morals and beliefs and I've only slept with my now boyfriend whom I love and explained that I take sex very serious and it's something that should be shared between a loving couple. You would find me at home chilling out or with my close friends in a private place. Sorry but to get to these girls you'll have to go through either mainstream social events or try to network because even skanks may have really nice girl friends who just might be perfect for you. Hope that helps :)

  • Bookstore/Library: Strike up the conversation based on the author or book she's reading. People can get really carried away or into it when they are talking about their favourite book titles and authors :)

    Park: Obviously a nature-love or a outdoorsy person. Just don't comment on the weather, it's the last thing you will ever do.

  • Coffee shop, "Hey, I don't come here all that often, what coffee blend would you recommend." It even rhymes! (a sure winner... she'll be overcome by so many Dr. Seuss memories from childhood she'll have to give in).

    Library, comment on the book they are reading or the genre. It helps if you are well read, and actually enjoy literature so you can make some kind of intelligible remark. You could also try joining a book club :)

    Charity work is easy, especially because you may frequently see the same people there. Just like a job, there will be down time for you to interact and talk casually. Go with the flow, be yourself.

    You could also try going to some lan parties or lock ins at video game stores on the off chance a girl may be there. In this case, it's not about quantity, but quality. Gamer girls - it's the way to go :D

    Honestly though, all silliness aside, if you be yourself, you are sincere, and don't act like you are hitting on her for the main reason most guys hit on random girls (hook up), you'll be fine. If you get shot down, try again. There's some one out there for you.

  • Grocery stores - there is nothing but women at grocery stores. Your next best bet is a country club... or possibly the library :D

    lawl - funny, but oddly enough, true.

  • Just take notice of something about her and comment on it like "nice dog. what kind is he?" basically an easy way to talk to anyone is ask a question or make a comment. Then from that you can start small talk.

    like 'excuse me do you know what time it is?'

    'yeah its 3:30'

    'oh thanks. nice day out today!"

    'yeah we've been getting less rain'

    'yeah did you see that storm the other day...'


    i know small talk seems silly. but its normal, she won't think your boring she'll think your friendly.

    Then you'll be getting to know her a tiny bit with that. when its time to go say, 'hey can I call you sometime'? or 'we should hang out again soon', or 'can we talk more over coffee sometime'? something like that...then on subsequent get togethers you can get talking on a deeper level than small talk and you'll know her more. good luck!

  • School or hobbies. Yeah probably library and park and charity work, its hard to chat up girls in the library though, its supposed to be quiet there. Unless they are attracted to you right away, I guess they would be flattered though.

  • Im one!

    • Hahahahha I like nc girls

  • some women get confused on how to act because most of the time they are to be what the other guy told them to be. Now a days girls just go with what they see on tv...or if they have been hurt they want to be something other than what they were..finding a good girl is honestly hard to find now a days. most think church or librarians or women who grew up in the south...but really it takes effort and time to find an innocent and nice women...

  • bookstore, church, the park, places people would normally volunteer like a nursing home, animal shelter, soup kitchen, grocery store, library, bowling alley

    hopes it helps!

    • Cause me and my firends like to bowl and we are very nice girls

    • Why the bowling alley

  • If you want to approach a girl in one of these places, sayyy, a book store or library, get a glance at what types of books she is reading or looking at and you can talk to her about it. Like say she likes tiwlight, since a lot girls do, say something about it or ask about it

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  • I guess the question we HK people would be asking is where can we meet girls. because it's like impossible to get a chance to.

    Sometimes I wonder if any HK people would post here or could I, like, ever, move to Canada, where all my relatives are? I ain't Canadian though...

  • Church!

  • I don't think that only "slutty" girls go to clubs. I think its fairly common for any girl with friends to go out to a bar or club every once and a while. You just might have to be more selective while at said clubs. Or maybe you're going to the wrong clubs. Try going to a laid back bar as opposed to a dance club. There you'll more likely find nice girls who are just hanging out with their friends as opposed to girls looking to grind on some guys. Now, this advice is coming from a nondrinker who rarely goes to bars or clubs. But I just think a lot of young people go to these places to meet people and you just need to find the right ones. Also girls seem to be more receptive to talking and exchanging numbers when their out for the night as opposed to just running their daily errands. That being said, if you can meet girls while your just out doing normal things, more power to you. And girls might be impressed with your friendly attitude. Also, if you're a college student, class is a GREAT way to meet girls.

  • Happy hour with alumni of your same university.

  • in a wow guild.

  • It may sound weird, and there will probably be many non-starters, but set-ups are a pretty good way to go. If you have friends--guys or girls, or even your parents or friends of your parents--it seems like they are often more than willing to play match-maker. Sometimes they do a pretty good job, sometimes not. But you usually aren't going to be set up with the neighborhood skank. If you are always gracious, even if it doesn't work out, then you will just expand your web of friends.

  • Ugh, most of these answers are so stereotypical. If you ask me you can meet a nice girl anywhere, even when out clubbing. You just have to be lucky. Most of the time you can see who's a nice girl and who isn't by their looks and I can't imagine there's no nice girls around you. The whole approaching thing is another story though, since I occasionally struggle with that myself, hah! So odd, in general I can get a conversation going with any girl but there's a few out there where I'm just oblivious! D:

  • dude I'm looking for teh same thing, good girls are gettin harddddd to find

  • the animal shelter,

    charity work...other than convicts only a good girl would be doing charity work, well usually

  • Well the question is where are you meeting these girls in the first place. Bars, parties etc are usually where you find girls looking for a fun night. I'm assuming your in college so I would recommend joining clubs, just start talking to girls in your classes etc.

    • Ahhh you could try a bar, just make sure the girl your talking to is sober.

    • Nah not in college. In the army. Makes things a bit hard when I'm working long hours and my only real free time is the weekend. Plus most of the girls in the army don't fit into the 'good girl' category.