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What do you think about a guy asking a girl to pay for a date?


so there's a guy I matched with on hinge who I went on 2 dates with. He planned & paid for the first date which I expected. However, for our second date, he chose the time & place again & instructed me to meet him where he chose. I met him at the restaurant he chose and expected him to pay because he planned it & invited me out.

However, after we finished eating & got up from the table to start walking towards the counter, he suddenly asked 'you okay to get this?' & I was honestly really surprised & quite frankly, turned off too. However I just said 'oh yeah sure' & paid it. I don't know how to feel about that. I still sometimes don't fully know dating etiquette since I'm kinda new to the dating scene. I've previously only been in friends with benefits or fuckbuddy type relationships, so right after that date, I started googling if the girl is meant to pay on the second date, & I read a lot of answers saying that it is actually nice for the girl to pay on the second date to return the favour if the guy paid for the first one. I then started feeling a bit bad that I hadn't offered to pay for the second date. Maybe him asking me to pay for our second dinner was his way of reminding me that it's my turn to pay?

There was also another guy I went on 2 dates with before finally cutting it off with him. He was from tinder. He paid for our first date, but for our second date we ordered from his phone (cause the restaurant we went to has an electronic menu that you scan the QR code for) to avoid having to order separately from both our phones. Later that night though, he texted me asking if I can transfer him for half of the dinner with payID using his phone number. He sad 'I'm soooo sorry I don't mean to be rude but I used my work bank account to pay & they get suspicious if they see too much being spent from it' which was very clearly the biggest lie. I just agreed & transferred him the money. I found it very unattractive though.

What do you think about a guy asking a girl to pay for a date?
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