Why don't very many guys ask girls on dates anymore?

I mean like REAL dates. Like where they plan everything out and make it all cute. It seems like when a guy is interested in a girl, they always just "hang out" with her.

Why don't guys ask girls on real dates anymore?

Is it just my age group?


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  • Unfortunately, a lot of guys aren't taught from an early age, by parents and others, to be chivalrous and protective of women. The "women are the same as men" mentality doesn't help, either! Women are the same as men in abilities, but not the same biologically. As much as a lot of women would like to deny it, there are physiological differences between the sexes. The point I'm trying to make here, is that society, in the name of equality, has blurred these differences. Therefore guys are brought up to treat girls the same as guys. This is what has almost killed chivalry and that "women need protected" feeling in men. Why protect someone who is equally able to do it yourselves? This is translated into letting women open their own doors, walk where they want to on the sidewalk (those who know old-time chivalry will get that one), and the '"who needs to worry about a date?"attitude. I know I'm treading on thin ice here, and I apologize if my comments have offended any women out there! From what I've seen, you guys are much superior to us guys intellectually, anyway!

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      Good points.. I wish so many women wouldn't confuse guys being gentleman with them "treating them differently"

      I personally love it when guys open doors for me and all that cute stuff!