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My friend with benefits..He gets jealous & mad if I'm talking to other men..Do you think he wants more?

I want to know...why do men get jealous..Does it mean he has to care more about me then he's willing to admit? or could it be he wants to be free but... Show More

I need more opinions please!

What Guys Said 1

  • One of two things is going on.

    Either he wants a relationship and is afraid you'll get bored of him, or won't want to stop seeing other guys.

    Or the second, is that the part of his brain that recognizes territory is running on full tilt.

    Either way, I think any possibility of moving forward with this guy disappeared sometime ago, and it would be best that you move on.

    And eliminate contact with him.

What Girls Said 1

  • Although hopefully by now you are over this situation I still post anyway. I had nearly an identical situation. I think jealousy usually means they have some sort of attachment and feelings towards you. However just because he has feelings doesn't mean that this is going to turn into a healthy relationship. Usually in my experience men that ask for FWB relationships have serious emotional and commitment issues.

    My FWB was getting jealous and that's where things started getting really weird. The minute I told him I was dating someone else, after all did he really expect me to not look to fill the other parts of my life that pizza and sex couldn't fill? He got mad and eventually pulled back from me. It was a good thing. I know he had feelings for me but the truth is he's f ed up emotionally which is probably one of the reasons we got into the FWB in the first place. We tried to take it to a relationship level but the reality was I don't think he would ever see me as girlfriend material and I would never get over the fact that he asked me to be the hide-a-hoe.

    Guys are also territorial as well especially if their messed up emotionally. As my girlfriend used to say "he's like a dog he just wants to pee on you and mark his territory". It stings when they realize they aren't good enough to keep you but I guess that's what happens when your a jack azz and ask some girl to give you sex and nothing more.

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