I just took her virginity, but now she's acting different

for our 7 month anniversary my girlfriend gave up her virginity, it was something we were both looking forward to, and something we both seemed to enjoy...but in the past week she's been acting really weird, and becoming more distant. She always has something else to do or somewhere to go rather than be around me, and I don't know how to ask her about what's wrong without leading to a break up, let alone what to do to try and save our relationship if I can't avoid the break-up conversation.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Perhaps the experience was not what she thought it would be and she's reacting. How long ago was this? Months ago or a matter of days? Did you and her communicate your views on what sex means to each of you beforehand? Either way you'll need to communicate and just ask her. She could be withholding some important information or it could be something silly she's embarrased about. You'll never know if you don't ask.