Do guys really care about a girl's weight or body imperfections?

do guys really care if you have extra baggage or stuff like stretch marks or cellulite? Does it really matter to a guy? no one is perfect I know that but I'm just curious how guys really feel about a woman's body.


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  • We dont, granted some guys may have strict guidelines but most don't care because we do understood no one is perfect and neither are we. If we love or care about the girl and we say "your perfect as is" we mean it, we don't care if you have veins showing or baggage or anything, if they really care and say you look great, stop worrying so much because your only going to annoy us then :D


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  • See if this helps? >>>> link

  • I feel like a good woman should not have any hanging fat from her. It's not only repulsive but it also shows that she is too lazy to workout to being her body to a better shape.

  • If it's a little then it's no big deal. I don't want a barbie doll anyway.

  • no it dosnt matter at all, as long as she loves me and we get along.. =]

  • Every guy has a different set of preferences. While one guy may see your blemishes, cellulite, weight, freckles, dimples, body hair, etc. as imperfections, another guy might be driven wild by them. Imperfections are relative and confidence goes a long way. If you are comfortable with your body and learn to feel sexy and beautiful, there are going to be guys out there who agree with you.

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  • Yes - they do...when they are younger and more concerned about what their peers think of their girlfirends - then they are sensitive to how a women looks and by extension - how she makes him look. As men get older - they'd still like a women to care about herself and be healthy - but a little extra cushion doesn't appear to make a man walk away from a women at first sight. At least if he's grown and matured and isn't shallow.

    The more shallow and snestive to what others think of him the more he'll be and remain concerned with how a women makes him look.

    Hope that helps...