Do girls get jealous of other pretty girls ?

do you get jealous of a hot girl that gets all the guys or do you just think she's sleezy or slutty just because she is pretty?

Would prefer girls opinions rather than the fellas . :)


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  • it would depend what kind of personality they had.

    like if she was just a bitch and thought she was better then everyone I would hate her. If she was really nice I wouldn't be jealous at all.

    • Yeh I agree with you more than the other girls sorry lol....... that's quite true niw that I think about it lol

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  • For me it's neither. I don't generally get jealous (it does happen but not that often) because I consider jealous to be pointless. I remember being 12 and realizing that, which is why it tends to amuse me that so many adults NEVER realize it. Nobody has everything no matter what we think and there is a downside to everything. So I just don't get the point of jealousy.

    I also don't assume a girl is sleezy or slutty just because she is pretty. I usually don't even think a girl is that way even when she says or does things that will usually make other people think that about her. Because really, who am I to judge? It sorta disturbs me the way we females tear each other down. Plus I have been called a bitch, slut, whore, etc. more times than I care to count and I don't consider myself to be any of those things. Usually the people who have said that were other females who didn't know me all that well. I can't say for sure what motivated them. Jealousy? Hatred? I have no idea. But I know what it feels like so I try not to do that to other girls. From time to time if a girl does something particularly shocking then I might react surprised or even horrified, but I try not to formulate an opinion about her based on my initial reaction to what she said or did.

    And why is it that if a guy is sexually "free" we (society in general) don't think twice about it, or even look at him positively. Yet a girl acts the same way and we label her a whore. It disturbs me.

    • I forgot to say what I DO think when I see a pretty girl, lol. I pretty much think, "Wow, she is really pretty!" Then I check her out (not like that, lol) and see what specifically about her I like. I consider myself to be pretty attractive so I see if there is something I like better about her compared to me and can I emulate it? Do I want to? I use it to get ideas to maximize my own potential I guess you could say. Like if I see a hairstyle I like, or an outfit that accentuates her form, etc.

  • Not really, plus, I have a boyfriend, and, could careless. I like hanging out with hot girls, because they usually know fun things to do, and good places to shop.

  • I think she's slutty and I look down upon her in that respect, like I wouldn't be friends with her. But I'm also jealous that she gets the guys. I don't know why do you guys only seem to go for those slutty girls? lol

  • Course. The prettier the girl is the more she is loved by guys. No denying it. Less beautiful people have it hard man.! :(

  • Sure, we get jealous. I try to keep it in check, but when my office hired a girl who's totally hot it bugged me for a little while. I'm over it now. It helped that she's pretty cool.

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